Episode 18 – Incognito

We happily present Episode 18 for your viewing pleasure.  We are using a different uploader (blip.tv) so you might see a short commercial before or after the episode, but the quality is MUCH better and I don’t have to split it into segments, so I consider it a win/win. Let me know what you guys think of the new format.

Shownotes will be up soon!

You can find your own wax mustaches here.  How can you go wrong with a box of wax mustaches.

Laura is knitting…

2 pairs of toe-up socks with gussets.  The first is out of Blue Ridge Footprints sock yarn and the second is out of Harry Potter series of Opal yarn in the Tonks colorway.

Leslie is knitting…

A pair of toe-up socks out of Regia Hand-dye Effect from StringtownYarn.

Laura is done with…

Toe-up socks with gusset out of Ashabee Fiber Oasis in her bamboo/merino/nylon base.  The colorway name is Eclipse.

Log Cabin is done!  All 20 skeins were mostly used up.

Stashdown is now down to 7 skeins and a week to go!

Leslie is done with….

A Lady Betram shawl out of handspun Vesper fiber given to her by Fibernymph (Lisa).

Soon on the needles…

Perhaps a Stacy Shawl (sorry the pattern is currently unavailable) for Leslie and a featherweight cardi race for Laura (I’m watching you Jessica).


Not a whole ton for either of us here.  You can find more info about the 4 oz Challenge here and Schact’s ratios here.

Favorite Things:

Laura got an awesome FOP square package from Dryactivebeast.  Thanks Jen!

Perfect Day Yarns has updated and she has lots of goodies!

Mom and Wheezy brought Laura back goodies from Maine in the form of Tess Designer Yarns.

We ponder size issues with Bamboo Blend sock yarns and hope that Soak wash can solve any issue.

CraftyPancakes is very sweet and gave us stuff including stuff to give away (you should watch the episode to learn how to enter to win it).  We love you Megan!

Interweave Knits review for the fall issue.  We’re both disappointed with the articles (with a Barbara Walker exception) and the patterns (to be honest, it might be the styling of the sweaters more than the patterns themselves).  I think this is the ball winder that Leslie likes.  We like the photo index.

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

33 Responses to Episode 18 – Incognito

  1. alejandro says:

    i need this knitty noddy because im a teenager knitter and can’t afford alot because sign twirlin doesnt pay so well nd i have left over yarn that could really be wound into a hank! thanks love the podcast

  2. Marianne says:

    I think the new format worked out perfectly, and I love that I just could turn it on, and knit the whole time without stopping and starting a new video 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    I have not knit socks out of a bamboo blend yet. But my tencel blend socks do in fact stretch out and get a big baggy throughout the day, they shrink back a little after a run in the washer and dryer, but they are still bigger then they started out.

    Me no need a noddy!

  4. Teresa says:

    I’m with Marianne – no messing around so you can just sit down and knit along and I like the asymmetrical look with LaLa just seeming to moving out of shot – I keep peeking behind my monitor in case she’s going to fall out the back 😉

  5. imjustlori says:

    Yay for episode! And the noddy? I could use one. I’m guessing it’s smaller than the 1 inch sucker I have made from PVC–and smaller skeins are pretty.

    Oh, and the portable lazy Kate? That string? I think it’s your tensioner thing. But I could be wrong.

  6. imjustlori says:

    Carp. EIGHTEEN inch, not one inch. Gah.

    Only one entry, please. 😉

  7. Lauren says:

    Love the new format! I like that it’s all in one video. And the niddy noddy, that was incredibily sweet of her!

  8. Sarah says:

    lol… the opening mustachios just about killed me!! You two are so goofy 🙂 I just renewed my IW Crochet subscription & signed up for my first IW Knits subscription… I’ll give the Knits issues a year then maybe just go digital. I want a knitting magazine that is always kick ass, is there such a thing!? Also- I love the photo index… I think it’s genius!

    Oh oh oh! And the niddy noddy! Enter me! That Pancake sure is a sweetheart!

  9. Jessica says:

    Aha! I feel totally vindicated about the “always pack extra panties” mantra I live by. Totally told you so. The moustaches were a hoot. I think the video quality with the new format seemed crisper, better. I like it.
    p.s. Laura–It’s a race. I want to win.

  10. Lee says:

    I love the new video format. I would love to have the niddy noddy because I am saving up for a wheel and all of the accessories needed to go a long with it, and if I could get a niddy noddy that would take a bit of financial burden off.

    I love your guys’ FO’s very pretty.

  11. aknitontheside says:

    8 shours to post the show!! lordy, that’s a lot of missed knitting time! It looks good, I have no problem with the new format as I watch from your website anyway. It’s some of my favourite knitting time to have you two nattering along while I knit.

    I would like a niddy noddy. I’ve just got alot of laceweight that I want to knit but I can’t figure out the length of it as my yarn measure can’t handle the tiny stuff. Do I deserve one? Maybe? I’m attempting to yarn diet for 1 whole year and so far have made the 3 month mark. Knitting books and tools are not excempt and keep me sane 🙂

  12. Beverly Love says:

    I do not want to enter the draw for the niddy noddy.

    I love the new Bliptv format, now y’all are official TV Stars!!! I stopped getting Interweave Knits when Eunny Jang took over. IMHO the vibe of the magazine changed and I could not find anything other than ads and occasionally an article that interested me. I miss the IK style that Pam Allen put out. That’s just my opinion and there are lots of other magazines to read, so I moved on. Your mileage may vary . . .

  13. lesley says:

    Hey girlllls another fun and informative Episode. I love the fact that its all one episode now. My daughter walked by and saw LA LA playing with the mustache and asked “what are you watching?!!”

  14. Karen says:

    I don’t want to be entered for the niddy noddy:)

    I love the new format. It is excellent! Please do whatever you need to to make the podcast easier for you.

    I agree about IK though I still buy it to read the articles. My new favorite magazine is KnitScene.

  15. phoenixfire says:

    I just plyed my first yarn yesterday and it’s still on the bobbins. I wanted to wait until I could get a niddy noddy before I wound it off. I really hope I win!

  16. Another great episode! 🙂 Love how goofy you guys are! I liked a few projects from the new IWK, but none of them were covered by you guys in the podcast. In particular I like the Leitmotif Cardi, but I do not like the closures they used.

    I also did not care for the piece on Runway knitting. I live in the ‘burg and do not give a crap about what the couture market is doing.

    And lastly, talk about being too late on the twisted stitch craze. Where have they BEEN? Ugh.

    Not impressed with this issue, but it’s been going down hill for sure. KnitScene was sooo much better.

    On the stainless steel wool blend, think Habu, they started the stainless craze. It’s actually quite soft, it just allows the yarn to sit when you put it. Think drape that stays. It has it’s place, but not in my stash. 😉

    Would love to be entered in the drawing for the Noddy. Thanks Craftypancake for the donation!

  17. Okay, I just left a comment, but it disappeared!!! :-O Stupid internet gremlins. I am trying again. My most sincere apologies if the first one shows up after I repost it here. Meh.

    This is what I wrote the first time:

    LOVE the mustaches!!!

    I want to let you know how much I am enjoying your podcasts! I get so excited when a new one pops up. Please keep ’em coming! You always make me smile.

    Your friend was very VERY generous…if anyone wants to know more about the Katie a Go-Go they can see it here: http://www.nancysknitknacks.com/lazy%20kate.htm Clever!

    PLEASE enter me in the drawing for the niddy noddy as I could really use one! I am a proud new wheel owner, but find that purchasing the wheel wiped out my fiber funds (and some of the grocery money too, but who needs to eat???) Now I want to buy fiber and accessories, but my bank account says “NO!” (((sigh)))

  18. Wanda in AR says:

    I love the new format.

  19. wenchfaery says:

    definitely love the new format! I spin while I watch, and it was a bit of a pain to stop what I was doing to start the new segment. And speaking of spinning, I would LOVE to win the niddy-noddy – all of my spinning is done on a drop-spindle, and it’s super-difficult to wind from the spindle to a swift when I need to wind off (I only own 1 nice spindle, so I have to wind it off as soon as I finish so I can ply/spin something new).

  20. Anna says:

    I don’t need a niddy noddy, but I have to comment about the lovely wax mustaschios. We had a wide variety of wax items at our 5 and dime store growing up. We never ate any of it, just chewed it like a big, ole wad of gum until the flavor was used up. They had big red lips, black mustasches and dorky teeth as well as a cool whistle like a pan’s pipe kind of thing.

  21. DeniseL says:

    You two are sooooo cute!! I like the new format but it seemed slower than ever to load (might just be my wifi). I would love to win the niddy-noddy. Just think they are cool and don’t have one yet.
    Agreed with most everything about the IK mag. Took mine to read in bed last night and kept nodding off- just not inspiring, plus inexpressably wrong. Aarrgg!
    Keep up the fun on the ‘cast. Glad to hear your membership on Rav group is growing.

  22. Jmailj says:

    Two things: 1) In my experience bamboo is very drapey. It has no spring whatsoever, but does great in shawls and wraps. 2) I need the Niddy Noddy because I don’t have one, and I want one. :-}

  23. Julie says:

    Love your video podcasts and posts! I would love to have a knitty noddy as I am currently in the process of purchasing my first spinning wheel and will need to obtain the accessories to go with it! Keep up the great work, ladies!!

  24. Alexa says:

    I just finished a pair of bamboo blend socks for my grandma. They were going to be for me, but after I finished the first one it was too small for me so I decided to finish the second one in time for her birthday. She hasn’t worn them yet since its summer so as I’ll have to see if they do streach.

  25. JaneB says:

    enjoyed the “cast” as always. Y’all had a lot of fun today. Picture was good but I couldn’t figure out how to make y’all full screen. The niddy-noddy might be enough to push me over the spinning edge.

  26. JaneB says:

    Also I have a pair of footie socks of merino//bamboo. They’re a little loose but I thought it was the style. Maybe it’s really the bamboo. I have only used merino/tencel in a shawl and I love it. Drapey, shiny, very, very nice. Not sure I’d want socks of yarn like that.

  27. Beth says:

    Like the new format a lot. I’m just getting into spinning so the Niddy Noddy would be great to have.

  28. LoriAngela says:

    Loved the show! And the new format. Just got back from camp so it was a nice treat. I couldn’t upload it on my ipad. I would give the niddynoddy to my sister if I won because she is starting a fibre mill (!!). Sweet Georgia has a fibre club. Perhaps that will make me start spinning.

  29. Beverly says:

    I have tried a sweater out of Bamboo and it does stretch. I knew it was not the pattern as I had made it before out of a silky type wool. I don’t use bamboo blends anymore. I am new to the podcast and watched all 18 episodes over the last three days. Great job!

  30. Ann says:

    Oh I am so glad their are others that feel the same way I do about the recent issues of IWK. I used to salivate at the thought of it’s arrival. But for the last 3 years or so it has just gotten weird and worse, and their stylist is lost as to what makes a hand knitted garment look good. I am hopeful that something changes there soon.

    As I have recently broken my leg, really good too, I will be haunting your website for new content frequently. I have been sentenced to 8 weeks of couch time. (No weight bearing on my right leg.) I think I need my ball winder moved closer to me.

    Thanks for another fun episode.

  31. Julie says:

    Like the new format. Don’t get to watch very often but watched this one all the way through. Very informative and funny… ! Loved the mustaches!

  32. J Wheeler says:

    I just bought a wheel, and I don’t have any spinning experience yet. I would love to have a niddy noddy from the knitgirllls to get my spinning exploration started.

  33. I’m so glad the niddy noddy giveaway worked out! You two are just too sweet to me 🙂 Love the new format!… and the wax mustaches!

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