Mid Week Catchup

It’s been a busy week here in Mississippi.  So much so that I decided to catch y’all up!
First – I took a sewing class with my friend Tracee last Saturday.  I’ve had a sewing machine for a couple of years but could never get my threading tension to work for me.  Incredibly frustrating, and I had no idea why.  Well, if you watched Episode 16, then (no doubt to your amusement), you know that my whole issue was that no one ever told me to put the presser foot down after threading the machine.

I’d been trying to sew with the presser foot in the up position.  For somewhere around 3 years (though very sporadically).  When the lady teaching the class explained that I needed to put that down, it was like a light bulb going off in my head, and wham!  I was off.  I managed to sew a few straight lines on a piece of scrap fabric and decided I was going to be a master seamstress!  Watch out world!

Unfortunately, the store was closing as the class ended, so I didn’t get to browse to my heart’s content.  I did go back the next day, and picked up a “Domestic Diva” apron kit (not this exact one, but I can’t find the one I got online):

It’s all the different fabrics (main, accent pocket cutouts, etc) all preprinted on a one yard piece of cotton.  Here’s a photo of the whole thing, freshly unwrapped:

That afternoon, I set to cutting!  I got all the pieces cut and pinned in the appropriate spots.  I did the zigzag thing over the edges to prevent fraying and did the seaming thingie.  (very technical words today)  Photographic proof even that I was the one doing the sewing:

I also learned that making straps is a giant PITA.  Turning those things inside out after sewing 3 of 4 ends closed was a huge hassle and I might have busted the seam in a couple of spots and just re-sewed it on the outside (but I’m not telling!) because really, who’s going to criticize the sewing on a cupcake apron?  Right.

Finally after a few hours of work, I was done!  Mr. Awesome was gracious enough to pose wearing my FIRST SEWED THING and I’m very proud of it!

So YAY I have finished a sewing project!  It’s not even a little bit perfect, but it’s a start!  I’d love to dive into something else, but I’m not sure what yet.  Any ideas for the sewing beginner?  I am not much into skirts but might try one later.  What other types of projects are beginner friendly?

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