My July, In Pictures

I’ll say it – I’ve been a bad, bad blogger! With the videocast that we do weekly, I tend to get lazy and just tell myself that I’ll catch y’all up during the next episode, but that doesn’t always happen. So here are some little pieces of my life that don’t really fit as podcast segments.

First, you guys may or may not remember that Laura & I (along with Mr. Awesome, Junior Awesome, and another couple with their four[4!!!!] children) went on a little vacation to Jasper, AR. This is how most of the drive went for our dear friend Lala:

In her defense, Michael’s mountain driving can be a little carsick-inducing, so sleeping seemed to ease her suffering. (She looks like she’s suffering, doesn’t she?) She’s totally going to kick my ass for posting this, BTW, so I hope y’all appreciate it.

This is how I refrained from gagging the very loud children (which included my own):

This is what kept Junior Awesome busy much of the weekend. He’s obviously plotting Kayla’s defeat here:

Next, I present you with a horrifically awful picture of TheKnitGirllls from Saturday night. It was our last night at the cabin and I was winding in ends on Laura’s Log Cabin as she was binding off.

It’s probably one of my least favorite photos of us ever, but it was the only one of us together on the trip.

Finally we got home, I did laundry, and Mr. Awesome did dishes. Note the instructions on the container:

Needless to say, the instructions were largely unnoticed until I unloaded the dishwasher.

So, our cheap little container has bitten the dust. Perhaps I’ll find an alternative use for it that doesn’t require a lid being screwed on it. Ideas? Funky flower vase? Change Jar?

Not all was lost, I still have my rockstar mug hook system from Ikea that I don’t think I ever showed y’all. Please ignore the fact that my kitchen is not magazine-clean, it is lived in. Also, the walls are a horrid, horrid orange that I need to repaint ASAP.

Lastly, I have finally started spinning the fiber that I dyed at Stacy’s house a couple of weeks ago. I am not having to do very much predrafting, and it’s spinning as a lace single. I plan on either 2 plying or navajo plying depending on how much yardage I get.

I’m VERY glad Stacy kept me from making it all uniform when dyeing, because it’s allowing it to pink up in spots and really helping to give it some interest. (Stacy’s the best!)

So there you go, my July in Pictures. What’s new with y’all?

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