30 Great Things About Turning 30!

As today marks the 30th anniversary of my birth, I figured I’d list out a few things I’m excited about. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the list, just the ramblings of my scatterbrained mind.

  1. Hopefully, most of my stupid young mistakes are out of the way.
  2. I’m finally at an age where I realize it’s important to take care of ME.
  3. That pesky starter marriage is out of the way.
  4. I now feel old enough to be a mom. (yes, I have a 7yr old, what’s your point?)
  5. I get to reminisce about my crazy 20’s guilt-free.
  6. 5 more years and I can run for president.
  7. I can officially be annoyed about the teenage-style breakouts I invariably get every month.  (BOOOOO!)
  8. My neighbors might hate me less cause I’m no longer a “young whippersnapper” that they feel threatened by.
  9. I will get fewer weird looks by declining events based on parking accommodations, size of crowd, food served. (cause now I’m an old fart)
  10. My son still thinks I’m beautiful.
  11. I have a fantastic fiance and a lovely home.
  12. Sometime in my thirties, I will stop being lazy and marry Mr. Awesome.
  13. I have a fantastic group of friends, and I know what to expect out of each of them.
  14. I have mastered the art of never running out of toilet paper.
  15. I get to use the phrase “When I was young….”
  16. I’m one year closer to Menopause and the end of periods!
  17. Your thirties are when women hit their sexual prime. (right?)
  18. I’m finally 30!  The dreaded day has come and I’m still here!
  19. I’m old enough to know how to talk to my child about difficult subjects.
  20. I actually feel more confident in the decisions that I make, solely based on age & experience.
  21. I’m a freaking awesome crafter and I will only get better.
  22. I’m willing to pay more for quality items.
  23. I understand and accept that nothing is given to you in life, everything is earned.
  24. I love my job (most of the time) and am proud of my professional accomplishments.
  25. That nagging self image problem gets a little better every year.
  26. My current emotion of the minute does not rule my life (most of the time).
  27. I’m not afraid to fail.
  28. I’m confident that if I had to, I could change a tire.
  29. I hope that the added years will make it easier to forgive and forget.
  30. I am comfortable in my own skin.  For the most part, I always have been.  I’ve never really been afraid voice the unpopular opinion and I have mastered the “f*ck off face”, but I’m trying to use it less and less.

Thank you to everyone who has sent birthday wishes, and I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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