TheKnitGirllls Ep 26 – Where the Featherweight is Done!

We hope you enjoy this weeks’ super chatty episode. Shownotes to follow!

Also, we reviewed the Soak products in the video below: edit – it looks like the buffering is working now. Let me know if y’all are having any issues watching the review!

Laura is knitting on..

Mystery Pi shawl out of Blackberry Ridge Lace Silk Blend in the Samarkand Blue.

Cheshire Cat colorway ball being made into some toe-up socks from Twisted Limone Designs.  Karen is super sweet!

Baby Socks from More last Minute Knitted Gifts out of Cascade 220 superwash

Leslie is knitting on…

A square for the FOP swap.

Laura has finished…

Toe up socks with gusset out of  Blue Ridge Footprints sock yarn in the Caribbean Cooler colorway (Other people from our LYS are doing some very cool things)

featherweight cardi out of Malabrigo lace

Leslie has finished…

A dress for her niece.  The pattern is the Elvira sweater.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino.


Laura has finished spinning the Hello Yarn fiber in the cauldron colorway.  She is working towards her 4oz challenge. She is about to start spinning some Lorna’s Laces Wooltop for her awesome friend, Suzanne from Jackson.

Leslie has finished spinning the Hello Yarn fiber (Dyed by Leslie and Stacy) that inspired That’s What She Said colorway from Tempted and is ready to ply (although her wheel is being mean this week.

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

55 Responses to TheKnitGirllls Ep 26 – Where the Featherweight is Done!

  1. Crystal says:

    I loved your soak review. I’ve heard of ‘Soak’ on other podcasts, but wondered how you’d use it. I think I’m going to have to try it.

  2. Susan says:

    soak vid apparently is on vacation – won’t work!

  3. SwedishRose says:

    I think I need a Phil…

  4. Rae says:

    Another great podcast episode you two are always hilarious. I have been wanting to try Soak but my local yarn store(sadly which is JoAnns) doesn’t carry it the scents all sound good. I will have to get some.

  5. jaci says:

    Love the podcast and soak review. Celebration is the scent I use all the time. I’ll have to go onto the Soak site and check out all of the products.

  6. Beverly Love says:

    Oh my gosh you guys are just beyond cute, with the Phil bucket hat. I hope Beck makes a new banner with that shot. My Wrought Iron socks are so famous I don’t know if I want to wear them 😎 I might just keep them on display, untouched. I love Soak, I have tried Citrus, Aqua and the Unscented. I have not opened my brand new Celebrations yet. I definitely want a Phil, I am going to use it to hold my pre-drafted fiber when I spin.

  7. Val says:

    Thanks for another entertaining podcast girls! Always a pleasure to knit and watch. I’ve used and love Soak also but have only tried the Aqua and Citrus.

  8. Miyaka says:

    I started watching your podcast this weekend and I love it! I like the interviews and product reviews. Also, thanks to you two, I’ve given toe-up socks another try and if I get addicted to them like I am with cuff down socks I’m going to tell everyone it’s your fault! 😉

  9. Chelsea says:

    Another awesome episode! Those footprints socks are adorable, and I’m loving how the Cheshire cat socks are coming along. Thanks for the Soak review & demo, like some others have mentioned, I had heard you guys talk about Soak, but wasn’t familiar with the product. I’ve used eucalan in the past, but I’m less than pleased with the “scent” or “smell” or whatever.

    Rock on!

  10. Another great episode. And the Soak episode was super! I totally need a Phil… BUT the coupon code doesn’t seem to be working on the Soak website 🙁

  11. Cyndi J says:

    I love Soak and would love to try more scents! and as always, another wonderful episode. You two are just so darned entertaining!

  12. Zaida says:

    Great Episode. I have been considering trying Soak, and you just convinced me to go ahead and do so. I love the interaction between the two of you. Keep up the great work.

  13. Anna says:

    Loved the episode as usual and the Soak commercial was great!

  14. Denise says:

    I love your podcast and am constantly checking for new episodes. You guys are a hoot.
    I also enjoyed the soak review.

  15. Sheila says:

    Love your podcast. I have watch all your episodes in about a weeks time. I haven’t tried soak, but it does smell lovely. Going to their website now. Thanks for all the laughs you guys.

  16. Eloise says:

    I need more soak!

  17. Wanda in AR says:

    I love Soak and the Citrus is also one of my favorites. I think I need a Phil

  18. Karen says:

    Love, Love, Love Soak! Phil is very cool!

  19. Ngoc says:

    Thanks so much for the great review!

    The discount code is LLsoak for anyone who is interested in 15% off. Use it at to save on everything.

    Loved the alternative uses for Phil.

  20. Sarah says:

    Glad the soak video works now! Always fun to watch you guys and thank you for the birthday wish! I still smile every time you guys call me EMO.

  21. Sarah says:

    I have never used soak, but have been wanting to try it. (Mostly because cough I don’t block things really lol) I will probably have to order up some of those little samples 🙂

  22. candisrrt says:

    Oh my! I do love your show! I really enjoyed the soak episode. I use it too and just love it. I loved seeing the ht difference in the two of you! I am 6’1″ and must say i loved see laura stand up! I was trying to knit while I was watching the podcasts but had to stop cause I just wanted to watch you guys! So fun!

  23. Whitney says:

    Enablers!!!!! But I also love the show & love this giveaway. A little surprised I didn’t have to work harder to be entered (GRIN).

  24. Tian says:

    Hi Guys. I love your videocast.

    I’ve never used Soak products before and am excited by your enthusiasm. I’ve heard of Phil and Cary (sp?) but never knew much about what they were or their uses – very cool. Thanks for sharing with us. The show was very informative.

  25. Geal says:

    I have not used any soak products but I will look into it now since I am doing my first shawl. Thanks for the review.

  26. aprilshowers says:

    Great review! I haven’t used Soak before but am intrigued now. Two questions though – is Phil large enough to wash an adult-sized sweater in or would you go with the larger bucket for that? And second, do you use Soak for animal fibers only or would you wash cotton with it too? I am wondering if the lanolin would make non-animal fibers feel sticky.

    Oh my, if you haven’t seen the photo of the Carrie basin filled with yarn on the website go look now – it is adorable (only a knitter could think yarn was adorable).

    Thanks again for the review! And especially the chance to see how tall Laura really is.

  27. Sarah says:

    I love the review!! I’ve never used or smelled soak but have been wanting to give it a try. I’ve only ever heard awesome things about it. I need some encouragement to soak & block my finished knits… that’s where I always leave it hanging and it’s a shame because it’s essentially done! Also, must by my own Phil tub!!

  28. fourpeanuts says:

    It is really nice to have reviews like this. I live somewhere that does not have a lys and have to buy everything online. I have wanted to try soak and have read good things about it but to have you on screen telling me how much you love it is way better.

  29. Alexa says:

    I have been wanting to get a bottle of soak for awhile now. Next time i go to my LYS I will. I actually got a green tub like Phil at a garage sale for 50 cents!(Phil is still pretty cool, no offense)

  30. Ngoc says:

    I’ve received a few emails from people saying that they can’t get the discount code to work. Copy and paste this code directly into the spot where it asks for the discount code, LLSoak

    You can visit the store at

    If you still can’t seem to get it to work, just place the order and send me an email and I will put the discount code in from the back end for you.

    I’m thrilled that everyone loved the review and the basins!

  31. rohanknitter says:

    Great show guys, as always! You’re always a lot of fun to listen to and I LOVE the product reviews. Soak really is the best, isn’t it – I love the Citrus and my last FoP square came with a bottle of the Unleashed scent and I really like that as well. Phil is great and I loved all the alternate uses for him.

  32. Talithia (Urbanhomemaker) says:

    I love the shows. Keep up the good work…Kindness Talithia

  33. Michele says:

    Loved this “how to” podcast with guest “Phil”. Would enjoy watching podcasts on how the two of you dye wool, spin, ply, and block objects, too! You’re so entertaining! The SOAK products sound wonderful. I’ll have to check a LYS or use the discount code before the 30th!

  34. trish says:

    Love the demo, love you guys – always so entertaining. I look forward to your podcast every week. Thanks for the special on-the-road ones.

  35. Sherri says:

    There you two go again..enabling me. I want to try Soak and to win some would be super great!

    Luv your podcasts, the yarn info is so helpful. I look forward to Sunday nights to see what you are up to.

  36. I loved the episode as always and I liked the Soak review, even though I already use it. But my goodness, I never would have believed the height difference (and honestly, in my head, you guys were the other way around…. oops!)

  37. Bubblesknits says:

    ROTFL Lord, I love y’all…and Phil the bucket hat. I don’t think I’ve watched an episode yet that hasn’t had me laughing at some point or another. =) Great podcast, as usual, and thanks for the review on the Soak products. I think I might need to use that coupon for a Phil of my own. ; )

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  39. StacieB. says:

    Thanks SO much for your review of Soak. Can’t wait to use the coupon code to get some and try it out!

  40. Mr. Whiskers says:

    Good podcast. I have wondered for years what all those little bottles of soak were used for. Thanks for not messing up the studio (our kitchen) too much!

  41. cici says:

    that was great!!!Luv the Phil Hat♥. I have been putting off to get some soak. Now I must have some. Maybe I will even win some♥

  42. Julie says:

    I knit a lot of socks and haven’t ever blocked any of them. You made me want to block some in the future just so I could try to soak!!

  43. Kaidyd says:

    I especially love the way you worked with Phil! Soak is great stuff.

  44. Suzanne says:

    Love that hat!! 🙂 Maybe Phil is short for Philomena or Phyllis.

  45. Svenja says:

    Great review! I have never used Soak before but I willl definitely give it a try in the future.
    It was also interesting to see the height difference between you two, somehow I hadn’t expected that. 🙂

  46. Shirley says:

    I watched all of your videos during the past few weeks and I’m finally up-to-date. If you are taking international entries I’d like to enter.

  47. Karen says:

    The Soak review was excellent. I’m really looking forward to trying Soak.

  48. jude says:

    I’ve never used Soak, but you sold me. I’m going to get some this weekend. But I’m still hoping I’ll win the samples. I want to smell them all!! Love the Review!

  49. LoriAngela says:

    Wow, what a great, fun episode. I would encourage you to stand for some of your taping because your posture is so flattering and relaxed. I like to include the sample size Soak with my gifts of knitting. I’ll definitely try to find some good smelly soak soon.

  50. Linda Suppan says:

    Love the review of Soak. I have been using Eucalan, and when I wash knitted gifts for my grown daughter, she always makes a comment about how opening the package fills her nose with the smell of home! I never realized she thinks home smells like washed knitted items!

    Love the vid-casts. You do a super job. I am in Manassas, VA, and wish I had known you were going to be in DC. I was even home over Labor Day weekend! I work in DC, so no biggie to get into. And I have never been to Fiberspace. On my to-do list.

  51. Carrie says:

    Great podcast as always guys. Loved the Soak review as well.

    I have a question for you – on Leslie’s rainbow socks, what can you do to prevent the colors from running together (I had a pair that had 4 colors, one of which was white and the blue color changed that color to gray which was very dissapointing).

  52. Brenda Williams says:

    This is my first time viewing your podcast…loved it. I have the Celebration Soak which I love. Now I want the Phil Basin.

  53. Yousef says:

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