Episode 37 – with Special Guest Star, CraftyPancakes!

We are joined by our dear friend Megann for our 37th episode! This one is mostly a recap of the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza, but there is some actual content too.

We reference the footage from the event, but due to file compression issues, that one will be a separate video file. I’ll try to get it working this week. Until then, enjoy Episode 37!


Laura is knitting on some very large socks out of Regia 6 Fadig Tweed in the 70 colorway on size 3 and 4 needles.

CP is knitting on some socks out of Tempted Yarn in the Crazy Tortie colorway

Leslie is knitting on some socks (I feel like I could have copy and pasted the “is knitting on some socks” part) out of Perfect Day Yarns in the “mermaid Tavern colorway.

Laura has finished the Noro shawl and a pair of Interrupting Cow socks out of Tempted in the “Festivus” colorway.

CP has finished some very cool Red Velvet Cupcakes  out of Hazel Knit Yarns (exclusive club colorway).

Leslie has finished a Handspun Beret out of Bonkerz Handpspun.

We have no spinning but CP brought some Cloudlover for Leslie to spin for her.

Favorite Things:

Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza was awesome and we got to meet lots of cool people including Wanda!

Laura has added to the stash: Perfect day yarns in a plethora of colors, Dawning Dreams batt, Spinning Straw into Gold gradient BFL, Tempted Yarns, roving balls from the very nice Sarah Kate Fibers

Lesle has gotten some batts, Tempted Yarn and fiber, and tags from Dawning Dreams.

Leslie and I both got awesome swap packages.  Leslie’s was her FOP package from Beth 1313.  Mine was my fall Knitgirllls swap from Lisa aka LemonSong.  Thanks Lisa and Beth!

CP got some Tempted Yarns. Yum!

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

12 Responses to Episode 37 – with Special Guest Star, CraftyPancakes!

  1. Bev Love says:

    Great episode. All of that fiber and yarn made me a little dizzy. A Perfect Day Yarn addiction sounds like something I could get into, beautiful colors. Y’all got lots of other goodies too. I will be stalking the shownotes for links, I have the embroidered knit by me tags, but those little “hand” mades are precious.

  2. Jessica says:

    I miss you guys! Hey, Crafty, you did great!

  3. phobbs1 says:

    Another great episode! Loved seeing CraftyPancakes. Can’t wait for my Tempted Frigid to arrive, thanks for giving me a sneak peek.

    I do have a question though:
    Wasn’t there a challenge for Laura to finish her Norwegian Rose socks before Arkansas or Leslie would get to raid her stash for yarn of her choosing? LOL

  4. Melissa says:

    What a wonderful episode! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! It was also so nice to see Megann in almost real life after being plurk friends for so long!

    LOVED the works in progress and the FO’s! Beautiful shawl Lala!

    I will have to get a skein of Hazel, Megann… The tonals were sooo pretty knit up!

  5. It’s horrifying to see myself on camera! I swear I don’t look and sound like that. Too funny. I had such a blast recording that with you!… Even though I realized that I’m an eye rolling bobble head with messy hair 😉 Love you guys!!

  6. Laura, I like your t-shirt, yet again. It looks like knitted graffiti on the trees. Where did you get it?

  7. Elabeth says:

    Dare I dream that whatever video footage you got of me was eaten? Also, who has the picture of me with the shawls on my head having a “Christmas burka” moment? Somebody put one on facebook where I’m not looking at the camera, but I think someone else took one where I was. haha

  8. madonnaearth says:

    Crafty Pancakes is giving away Hazelknits yarn? I LOVE that yarn! Meghann you need to come to my house! lol

    I knitted a friend of mine some socks with it once (in Baroness, a purple-based yarn that is ridiculously pretty!) and I received another skein in my LoopyEwe 6th order goodybag. (I have no idea what color it is. Its a sports team color and I don’t do sports. I am going to post a picture of it in the Ravelry Hazelknits group and see what color it actually is.)

    I intend to buy myself a couple more skeins of Baroness one of these days and make something really beautiful with it. It is a wonderful yarn!

  9. madonnaearth says:

    Megann, I apologize for mispelling your name. and shush, your hair is awesome! I am never one to say, ”
    Wow, homegirl needs to go comb her hair! lol” I was more like, “Wow, look at her haircut! It’s gorgeous! I wonder what it would take to get my hair to do that.”

    I loved seeing Lala hugging that bag of Perfect Day yarns. The more you guys talk about that dyer, the cooler she sounds.

    That is how I feel about many yarns and fibers in my stash – anything from Juliespins, yarntini, Extreme Spinning and a few others are like “cold dead hands” yarn. I will give it away to dear friends if I’m truly sick of looking at it, but they have to have really done something awesome to rate that level of yarn goodness.

    I love this podcast. I wish it could magically morph into two episodes a week, without you guys having to do nothing more than sit in front of the camera. Wouldn’t that be cool! I had to edit a voice recording once, and I can not imagine how hard it must be if you have to edit sound and video at the same time. Especially on a computer that’s not top of the line like mine. “Nightmare!” lol

  10. LoriAngela says:

    My second viewing today on itunes. Love it. Thanks for the guest appearance. Lala’s face showed such a look of love at the gloves, I knew she would fave that pattern. You’re sure those aren’t felted sock for BIL? Leslie is not the mean one. Someone has to be serious sometimes. I wish I could seriously knit like her!

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