Episode 45 – Superbowl Sunday

Laura and Leslie have lots of projects on the needles, and Leslie even has some spinning! Laura reviews a baby hat book and introduces a new segment called “Finish or Frog?”.

The quality on this one isn’t as crystal clear as I’d like, so I’ll fix that one for next time.

Laura is knitting on a “Single Men” cowl out of Malabrigo Twist in the Pearl Ten colorway (I think).  I’m knitting on an Ishbel shawl out of Casbah for my swap partner. I’ve also worked on the Make It Work Shawl out of Mababrigo Worsted in the Ravelry Red colorway.  Washington Square out of New Zealand Aran Wool is a whole 2 inches longer!  I also have some Twisted Fiber Arts in the Ravelry colorway socks.  You can find Piddleloop bags (she just had a Valetine’s Day update) here.

Leslie is knitting on the Pogona shawl out of Wollmeise in Bluebell.  She is also test knitting the broken hand mitts for Wendy.

There are no FOs to show although the Starving Artist Hat has been finished and you can find the pattern here.

Spinning: Leslie is finished with the Cloudlover Fiber in Decay.  She got 366 yards of a 3-ply fingering weight.  Help her vote on what to spin next by leaving a comment on the blog and be entered to win a prize!

Finish it or Frog it!  You can vote on our Ravelry board.

Happy Birthday Beck, Carin, Melissa, and Jadee!

Book Review: Baby Beenies by Amanda Keyes

Saltine Goldfish are the bomb!

Spin-Along on theknitgirllls group.  Go and vote!

Lo-Lo Bars by Bar-Maids

Pattern Tamers versus Highlighting Tape.

Dangercrafts has a new baby bird pattern called Chubby Chirps!  So cute!

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

135 Responses to Episode 45 – Superbowl Sunday

  1. Jadee says:

    I think the Gumball by Gale’s art is great! So, number 2 is my fav. Happy spinning! That green came out beautifully, btw.

  2. Sarah says:

    hello yarn for the win

  3. Gale’s Art. I love that colorway and, c’mon, alpaca and silk?!?

  4. Beverly says:

    Hi, I vote for Gales’s fiber for Leslie to spin……I have some of her yarn and I love the colorways. Just watched the podcast during the end of the Super Bowl…..sorry Laura. Being from Minnesota I was voting for the Steelers not our arch enemy the Packers!

  5. KatKnapz says:

    I second #2 Gale’s Art. The colors are so pretty I just want to see it spun.

  6. Abigail says:

    Choice number2 the Gumball colorway!!! That’s GORGEOUS!

  7. Sheri says:

    Hello yarn gets my vote!

  8. Melody says:

    I too am voting for choice #2. The colors are nice and I loved the way you danced those two twists in front of us. 🙂

  9. Leah says:

    I really like the Gale’s Art Alpaca/Silk blend fiber! 🙂

    (blessedNjoyful on Plurk)

  10. Virginia says:

    Alpaca silk – what a great combination – so Gale’s Art gets my vote

  11. From the many shawls I’ve seen I don’t recall there being one like the jewel, second choice colors that seem to be the second popular favourite colors to blues and greens.

    Why does every knitting podcaster seem to have tones and tones of cash to order and visit LYS that their stashes are actually something to be concerned about? How do you ladies, friends and others feel/think of the knitters out there that aren’t lucky enough to have a LYS in town and don’t drive and have a VERY tight yarn budget? Have either of you unraveled a knitted sweater, reclaimming/recycling yarn from Thrift Stores sweaters? Would you please discuss these things amongst yourselves and your circle of friends, please?

    Thank you very much. Hope both of you have a much better week coming!!

  12. Sadie says:

    I vote for the Hello Yarn, Cauldron, that colorway is soo much fun, it’s the one that caught my eye the most, so I vote Number 1.

  13. Dennine says:

    I’m voting for the Gale’s too.
    I love that colourway and the halo looked appealing too.
    Really want to see how that spins up!

  14. Anna says:

    #1 cauldron colorway gets my vote!

  15. madonnaearth says:

    I vote for Gale’s Art as well. I have had that in my cart at The Loopy Ewe so many times, and I don’t have any YET!!! Next best thing for me would be to see you spin it up!

    They are all gorgeous though. I’m also looking forward to the gradient yarn you’re going to make.

    Also, I am really enjoying watching and knitting along with this issue. I usually have them going in the background to get me through the workday, which means no knitting along whatsoever. Very cool!

  16. Gina Assetta says:

    I vote for the alpaca silk, not only do I want to see how it spins up, but I want to see what you make from it. Every time you hold it up, I can see a pretty shawl calling out to be made.

  17. Loel says:

    I say go for Gale’s yarn. The colorway looks really interesting and I’d love to see how it spins up. So glad to see your show on early tonight (instead of tomorrow a.m.), but very sad 🙁 that the Stillers lost tonight, La-La. le sigh.

  18. Elizabeth Lamparth says:

    My vote is for choice 3… the colors are pretty.. would love to see that spun up!

  19. Loel Kim says:

    I say go for Gale’s Art yarn. The colorway looks really interesting and I’d love to see how it spins up. So glad to see your show on early tonight (instead of tomorrow a.m.), but very sad 🙁 that the Stillers lost tonight, La-La. le sigh.

  20. arthella says:

    i vote for #2 gale’s art.

  21. Cookie M says:

    Gale’s art gets my vote, it is gorgeous!

  22. Liz says:

    I really would like to see option 3 spun. I am very curious how the gradient will come together.

  23. trish says:

    I like the colors in 2 and 3, but since you haven’t spun polworth before, I vote for #1. It’d be interesting to see how the yarn itself and those colors spin up.

  24. Betty says:

    Number 2 by Gale’s Art is my choice

  25. Sue says:

    I’m not a spinner but I really like the colors in the second one.

  26. I think either Choice 1 – the Hello Yarn in Cauldron, or Choice 2 – Gale’s Art in Gum Ball.

    I think Choice 1 for your sake because you mentioned the winter doldrums, and those colors and so bright and cheery, and we like a happy Leslie.

    But, without context, I would pick the gum ball one because those colors are so lovely and interesting. I love it!

  27. Kathy says:

    The colors in the Polwarth are not necessarily my favorite, but I think you should spin #1 – the Polwarth fiber. You deserve it!! I spun Polwarth for the first time this weekend, and it was total heaven!!! Best stuff I have ever spun – easiest – gorgeous! I got 300 yards of N-ply fingering out of 2 1/2 ounces without any effort at all. So….I wish for you a fun spinning session. Sounds like you need it…… Hope you find your missing whorls very soon. How frustrating!

  28. heather says:

    You had me at “alpaca & silk”. I vote for Gale’s Art! The colors are just gorgeous and I love the mix of alpaca and silk.

  29. Anna L says:

    Oh I am all about the second choice – Gail’s Art Gumball – I think it will be AAAWWesome. Was it me or did ya’ll not say AWESOME in this podcast. Have either of you knitted any of the Violently Domestic’s (Hunter Hammersen)patterns? I was recently introduced to them by a websurfing/knitting friend, she finds I buy. She also has just released a book “Silk Road Socks” which is beautiful to look at on line. I’m also enjoying reading her blog.

  30. Amy Green says:

    Gail’s Art FTW!!!!

  31. Monet Bedard says:

    I would go with the polworth since you’ve never spun it before & it has such lovely colors!

  32. anne says:

    I think choice #1 hello yarn in cauldron. It’s awesome!

  33. SpaceJunk says:

    I’d like to vote for #1 (Hello Yarn) because I’d love to see what you do with all those pretty colors.

    And saltine goldfish? Brilliant! I haven’t seen those yet but I will be looking. I am a fan of the pretzel goldfish, but I also tend to snack on oyster crackers so I am sure I would love the saltine ones. mmmm

  34. Denise says:

    I love the Cauldron colorway!

  35. My vote is for option 3. I would love to see how you will spin and all of the other stuff you said (can you tell I am NOT a spinner?!!!). Love, love, LOVE the bright yarn you selected, LaLa, I live in Michigan and unfortunately Michigan is kind of known for grey skies in the winter – that yarn will brighten anyone’s day!!

  36. TracyB says:

    I vote for #3. Gradients have caught my attention lately.

    Love you KnitGirllls!

  37. Marianne says:

    You have to try the Polwarth, it’s amazing to spin!

  38. Beware of the ELBOWS! You guys had me laughing today! 🙂 Thanks for another fun one!

    BTW – I vote for Hello Yarn as well. 🙂

  39. daizie says:

    I say #2. It would be a treat to play with alpaca and silk. Something lovely and it has beautiful colors. Thanks for another great show!

  40. Geal says:

    gumball all the way

  41. Wanda in AR says:

    My vote is #2, the fiber from Tammy

  42. imjustlori says:

    Go Gumball! It looks fun and chewy. 🙂

  43. Eloise says:

    I for color #2……whatever thatnis…..

  44. claude says:

    I would definitly go with the hello yarn. I would definitly love to see it spun up!

  45. Mari says:

    Looks like #2 is winning so far! That’s my pick too.

  46. Terry says:

    I vote for Gumball, by Gails Art. I love the muted colors and think it will spin up beautifully. Also, once again, I look forward to your shows each week. It is like my own personal knit group when I watch you both.

  47. Jeanette Zimmerli says:

    Love the videocasts! I vote for #2 the gumball.

  48. Amy says:

    Hello Yarn Cauldron for sure!! Love Hello Yarn, Love Polwarth!!

  49. Aberdonian says:

    My vote goes to number 2. It is just so pretty!

  50. Pat says:

    #2 is my favorite. I liked the colors. I enjoyed the show too!

  51. Kristin says:

    I loveeee the colors on number two! That’s got my vote!

  52. Sheila says:

    I like choice 3, I would love to see the gradiatant yarn. Love the show. You guys are awesome

  53. Karin says:

    I’d spin the Gale’s Art. I don’t spin but if I did, I would want to spin silk.

  54. If I had to pick, I’d say go with the Cauldron/ Hello Yarn fiber. After working hard to spin something awesome for someone else, you can afford to have fun with something just for you!


  55. Cassy says:

    Choice #1. I love the colors there!!!!

    I also just have to say, you ladies make my Mondays bareable. Stupid Mondays!

  56. Julie says:

    Choice #2, the gumball color…it’s gorgeous!

  57. Amy says:

    my vote is for Gale’s yarn. I have some of her sock yarn in my stash that really, really wants to be knit up. :o)

  58. Shirley says:

    I’d like to see the Gumball. Thanks for another great show.

  59. Tammy says:

    Well, for obvious reasons, I have to vote for the Gale’s Art. 🙂

  60. Tabitha says:

    Gail’s Art Gumball Its soo pretty would make a great shawl 🙂

  61. Val says:

    I can’t even imagine what the Cauldron colorway would look like spun up so that is my choice. Love your podcast girls! You are so fun to watch and knit to!

  62. Debbie R. says:

    My vote is for #1 Hello Yarn’s Polwarth. I’ve never spun Polwarth either, but have heard how terrific is it.

  63. Christy says:

    I pick…Hello Yarn, Cauldron. Perfect for the winter blahs! :o)

  64. Debbi says:

    Oooo, number 1 – Hellow Yarn Cauldron! It’s beautiful 🙂 🙂

  65. Debbi says:

    Oh crap, I can’t spell today! I meant to type Hello Yarn!

  66. Talithia says:

    OMG! Gum drop. I would love to see how it spins up. Love the colors. Thanks again for a great show. Kindness,T

  67. Carrie says:

    Gale’s Art #2 🙂

  68. ac says:

    I would love to see how you handle the color blending in option 3. Thanks– acrJ

  69. ac says:

    Leslie– I would love to see how you handle color blending with option 3. ac

  70. E. says:

    Cauldron! It looks so exciting!

  71. Cyndi J - ccaj says:

    I have to vote for the Hello Yarn – so many colors! Love it!
    but don’t put me in the prize drawing ’cause that’s one of the yarns I donated for drawing prizes!

  72. Jennifer says:

    I love the muted color of the Gale’s Art yarn, though I’m really curious to see what choice three looks like in finished form. I vote #3.

  73. Fran Walker says:

    Well I was wondering why everyone had left comments on THIS broadcast- Now I realize the competition I’m up against – I love the Hello Yarn Cauldron – I also plan on buying the Baby beanie book – So cute and I just love books- I usually buy from Amazon – So get that link up ASAP The LO Lo bar recommended by LA La just had to say that – Great show1

  74. Checat says:

    I think the gumball colorway, its really pretty

  75. Linda F says:

    I love #2, Gale’s Art. The colors are so rich and beautiful and it looks so soft, ang gushy. I am sure if this is not your choice, you will eventually spin it, and I cannot wait to see the result.

  76. Trish (tgknits) says:

    I would love to see the Hello Yarns Polwarth. IThere is something to say about the experience of something new.
    I’m a new viewer and am really enjoying the cast. By the way 40 is fun.

  77. Rebecca J says:

    Hello Yarn. No contest. 🙂

  78. Tonia says:

    I love choice 2 gumballs. Ohhh pretty!!

  79. Beth H says:

    I vote for Hello Yarn! Too pretty!!!

  80. Mandi says:

    Awesome episode!! I vote for Gale’s Art for Leslie to spin, it looks gorgeous!!!

  81. juliebie says:

    I vote for the polworth since you said you’ve never spun it before and I’ve heard it’s great.

  82. Robin says:

    I vote for number three — I’d love to see you knit a gradient shawl out of your handspun.

  83. Kate says:

    Gumball! The silk was SO shiny even on the computer… i wish i could spin (and had that fiber!)

  84. ANN aka realmessy says:

    The Polwoth, You will love spinning it. I have spun it on both a spindle and a wheel and loved it.

  85. Katie O says:

    I liked the middle one, i think it was gum drops, or gumballs…. Loved it!

  86. Jeannette Wiggins says:

    Spin the Gumball. It’s GORGEOUS!!!!!

  87. Kathy Rasmussen says:

    I vote for the alpaca and silk. Love it!

  88. StacieBee says:

    I vote for number 1!

  89. Allison L says:

    The hello yarn fiber is my favorite 🙂

  90. Lisa R. says:

    Spin #3!! I’d love to see that in a gradient. It’d be an amazing shawl. I loved the piddleloop bags. I had so many comments to make and they all just left the building.

  91. Patti says:

    I vote for #2 Gumballs!, though I really like them all

  92. Hayley says:

    I think you should go with the Gumball Cauldron. It is really pretty! 🙂

  93. Hayley says:

    I think you should go with #2 Gumball!! I love it! 🙂

  94. Jessica says:

    Hey, Crown Queen Leslie, I totally feel your plying pain. Pre-Oklahoma trip, I was nearly in plying-induced tears. Thanks again for all the help setting me on the right plying path. I’m curious as to how you “re-ply”. Do I just run the loosely plied screwed up yarn through the wheel again? Also, totally agree with your baby hat review–one of my favorite baby hat knitting books ever. And finally, I vote for the Hello yarn.

  95. Alicia Howard says:

    i vote for #3!! I would love to see how that spins and knits up.

  96. steph says:

    I would pick the Hello Yarn no questions asked. I have always wanted something from her site as well but never catch an update … so I will live vicariously through you. Hopefully 😉

  97. Tina says:

    I vote for #1 because it is something you have not done before. It has tons of wonderful colors and know you will turn it into something fantastic!!!

  98. Maureen says:

    Ok If I have to Choose Cauldron because of the color!

  99. Tara says:

    My vote is for Gumball, it’s very pretty.

  100. Debbie Palmer says:

    #2 -Gumball by Gale’s art is great!

  101. Erin says:

    I vote for Gumballs, it looks delicious.

  102. Casandre Sheetz says:

    I vote for the gumball! /since this is my first time commenting I just want to say you guys are fun to watch and we’ve had a lot of conversations, albeit a bit one-sided…..I look forward to every episode, and I go back and watch previous episodes when I knit and am tired of the tv. sooooo thanks for all the hard work and the enabling.
    Whats funny is that I feel some pressure to have some progress or FO’s each week as well…good thing you cant see my end…

  103. Pat Prahl says:

    I really like your podcast. So far, it is the only one I watch. I want to vote for Leslie’s next spinning–my vote is for the number two fiber (Gumball?, I think). Also, today (2-8-11) is my birthday. Yea! Keep up the good work.

  104. yarnbeans says:

    I think the alpaca/silk blend would just be a dream to spin! so pretty!

  105. Mommyknitz says:

    Go for the Hello Yarn fiber. Beautiful! Plus, it lets me live vicariously through your fiber acquisitions. I’m also another Feb birthday baby…35 on the 10th. GO FEBRUARY!

  106. erin\ says:

    I LOVE the Cauldron colorway! I would be very excited to see how that spins up! I am a February birthday, too 🙂

  107. Tashbalaz says:

    I like Choice number 2. The gumball color looks great and alpaca/silk sounds loverly.

  108. Betty says:

    I vote for the Gale’s Art fiber. I have some in my stash called “Crayon box” which looks a lot like gumball.

  109. Sandy says:

    #2, all the way! It’s gorgeous!

  110. Kathy S says:

    Love #2 Gale’s Art. The colors are beautiful!!!

  111. Marsha says:

    I vote for #2! Leslie, I love how the crown on the poster behind your head looks like you are wearing it!!

  112. MimiD says:

    Cauldron. Totally fun colors!

    Thanks to you and Laura for the videocasts. You keep me company on my treadmill walks Monday mornings.

  113. Epic1313 says:

    I really like no. one, but I think No. 2 has my vote. Yes, def. No. 2. It’s so shiny.

  114. Definitely option number 2 – Gales Art. The colours are so bright and beautiful

  115. Adrienne says:

    My vote is for the Gail’s Art. A laceweight single would look stunning!

  116. MyTime says:

    Love the colors of the Gumball!

  117. Shalanda says:

    The Gale’s art Gumball is beautiful and gets my vote!!

  118. Julie Jaco says:

    I vote for the Cauldron colorway. Those are fabulous colors put together…..!

  119. windzgirl says:

    I vote for you to make gradient yarn out of #3 .

  120. Patti S. says:

    I think that you should do the third choice. The gradation idea looks like it will be lots of fun.

  121. Sandy L says:

    Perhaps it’s the gray weather, but I vote for no. 2 also.

  122. Sarah says:

    I totally vote for the Gumball colorway from Gale!!

  123. Denise says:

    Definitely #2 – Gails Art. That is really beautiful, love the colorway.

  124. I love number 3 and, since I don’t spin yet, I can only imagine what wonders you could do with it. 🙂

  125. Gale’s Art! That is just beautiful and I’m sure you’ll some sort of gradiation that will make it all the prettier. I always laugh at Leslie’s anal knitting and spinning ways because I’m exactly the same. It all must match and be perfect!!!
    Being from New England I’ll have you know that I spent the entires Superbowl rooting for the Stealers just for Lala. Even though I was in a bar filled with Cheeseheads. What’s the deal with that?!
    Another great episode!

  126. nicky says:

    Gale’s art Gumball gets my vote. Love the colors and looks like it would be a fun colorway when you’re complete.

  127. Janet says:

    No. 2. 3 Looks a bit boring and 1 would be better near Holloween.

  128. Knit in Rose City aka Tracy says:

    I don’t know but No. 1 looks awfully nice, No.2 is a really close runner up. Its the colors vs the hues….

  129. Ambie says:

    Hello Yarn… I think the bright colors are perfect for this time of year.

  130. Silja says:

    I vote for the Hello Yarn! Bright and fun colors!

    I have tried to find an online store that sells Lo Lo bars and will ship internationally (to Norway to be more exact), but no luck so far unfortunately 🙁

  131. Marni Schroeder says:

    Please spin the Gail’s Art Alpaca/Silk – I am about to spin my first alpaca fiber (from Abstract Fiber- Chocolate Rainbow) and can spin along! 🙂 Also would like to hear any comments or suggestions you have about the fiber.

  132. beth says:

    I’m really behind on your podcasts, but I just wanted to say you guys are awesome & Leslie, I loved that it looked like you had a crown on (the poster behind you). It made me giggle 😀

  133. Helena says:

    Im just catching up on my podcasts while i am knitting my wedding bolero. I just had to stop this episode half way though and go buy that Baby Beanies book.it looks so great and i have a brand new god daughter, a brand new niece on the way and a couple in my knitting group are also expecting a baby in a few months. so i just had to get this book as the hats look adorable.

    you are evil enablers 😉


  134. DarrinDee says:

    When I saw one of you take a sip out of the Newk’s cup it made me so happy! 🙂 I LOVE that place – esp their sandwiches with fresh baked bread. There isn’t a store anywhere close to me so anytime I visit my father in Mississippi it is a given that we are eating there at least once (sometimes more) during my trip.

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