Episode 46 – Starving Artists

Laura & Leslie show off their matching hats and both have spinning content! Laura reviews Scarf Style from Interweave and we pick a winner from last week’s contest.

Laura is knitting on Washington Square out of New Zealand Aran Wool and it is a whole 15 inches long (Yay armpits!) and the first sleeve has been started.  Still on the needles are the Twisted Fiber Arts in the Ravelry colorway socks.  I’ve started knitting the Broken Hand Hat by Wendyknits.  This is a test knit.  I’m also knitting on an Ishbel shawl out of Casbah for my swap partner.

Leslie is knitting on the Pogona shawl out of Wollmeise in Bluebell.

Leslie has finished Broken Hand Mittens (a testknit for Wendyknits).  She has also finished a Starving Artist hat out of handspun. She knit the Slouchy Beret version.

Laura has finished a Starving Artist in the Slouchy Beret version. I knit this one inside out.  I used some Twisted Fiber Arts Handspun.  I also finished a Make It Work Shawl out of Mababrigo Worsted in the Ravelry Red colorway. Single Men Cowl out of Malabrigo Twist in the Pearl Ten colorway in done and the pattern is now available for free on Ravelry.

Leslie has finished spinning and plying 4oz of the “Gumball” colorway of Gale’s Art. Laura has finished spinning the first 4oz of the pound of Eulenspiegel Polwarth from Crown Mountain Fibers.

Favorite Things:

Prize has been won!

SAL pattern thread voting is still going on!

Cool new videopodcasts.  Check out the Pimp thread!

Respect the Spindle for you spindlers

Cary’s Awesome Felted Stitch Markers

Book review: Scarf Style

Leslie wonders how people store their FOs.  Give her some storage ideas!

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

11 Responses to Episode 46 – Starving Artists

  1. Lisa B. says:

    You two look SO DARNED CUTE in your hats!!

    Kathy Zimmerman’s shop is in Ligonier. I’ve never been to it yet, but I hear there is another yarn shop in Ligonier now too called Bo-Peep (I think) that’s supposed to be really nice. I need to get up that way sometime and check it out.

  2. Jan says:

    I store all my shawls folded and draped over a quilt rack, one of the ones with 3 vertical bars. The shawls are easy to see and easy to grab.

  3. Eloise says:

    I did go to Kathy Zimmerman’s shop in Ligonier. She is so normal, I had to remind myself that she is a well known designer. Great show as usual. Leslie your Lady Eleanor is so much larger than mine. For some unknown reason I knit mine on needles 2 sizes smaller than yours and what the pattern called for. Although I love mine, it is hard living in MS to wear it. It is either freezing or too warm.

  4. Jadielady says:

    FO Storage!
    As for me,this winter we have kept one of those cloth box/basket things right by the front door. That’s where we keep all our scarves/ hats/mittens etc. This is actually the first year we’ve had it so I’m not sure where it will go once spring comes…
    In our upstairs hall closet, I have one of those hanging shoe organizers, but that’s where I keep all my shawls. visible but hidden 🙂

  5. Jessica says:

    Those stitch markers are freakin’ adorable! Love the miniature detail. Enjoyed the book review and agreed wholeheartedly. Miss you guys!

  6. Patty says:

    What iPod apps do you use the most? Which one did Laura talk about on the last episode? I’m trying to find it. Ohh…I finally got a piddleloop bag for Valentines Day. Thanks to DH after my little suggestion!

    • LaLa says:

      The knitting apps I use the most are knitminder and TouchandGo Knitting (that’s the one I talked about). I also use ISpin toolkit for spinning. With games, I play Words with Friends, Cut the Rope, UNO, and Angry Birds. I also love the flickr app and Camera+ for photos. I hope that helps!

  7. Julie Jaco says:

    Oh, I have a pouty face! 🙁 The episode was too short, I can listen to you two go on and on about everything. Love your podcast and look forward to it every week. I know though you have to have time to do do all your projects etc. but ooohhh wished the episodes were at least a couple of hours. To bad they don’t pay millions so you two could quit your jobs and do it full time!!!!! Great shows.

  8. Paul Cessna says:

    I love the podcast. I’m in the process of doing a videocast. Not an easy thing, you guys make it look easy, I’m pauly81 on Ravelry, Thanks for the cowl pattern.

  9. LP Starr says:

    I think the Starving Artist is a great hat, and I love the yarn you sent to Wendy to make hers.

  10. This one doesn’t work anymore? (the one before and after this one also got a “Sorry…” message after the ad.)

    Yeah, I watched backwards to about #136 and then decided to start at beginning so projects were being shown in the right birth order:)

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