Episode 64 – Tempted by Tempted

Laura & Leslie chatter on the normal topics and Laura reviews the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook. We give away a random prize in the Stash Dash and salute our Fathers.

Happy Father’s Day all!
Laura is knitting some handspun socks out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts sheep to shoe in Sherbert. She is also knitting on the Apollo and Artemis in Yarn Pirate in the old BFL base in Bluebell(sorry for the glare!).
Leslie has leadlight on the needles.  She is also knitting an Aase’s shawl out of Tempted Luxe Grrl.

Leslie is finished with her an eternity style cowl out of Tempted Yarns- Prissy Girl. It will eventually be a free pattern. Laura is finished with “My Wish” out of Tempted Good Grlll in the Fridgid and Moondance colorways.  All proceeds from this pattern will go to Make a Wish until September 1st.


Leslie is fractal spinning Knitty and Color.  Laura has plied 4 of the 5 ounces of  ”Grape Fizz” from Sarah Kate Fibers. I got 422 yards of a fingering weight yarn.  I also spun some art yarn (coils) out of an Ass-kicking Batt from Moonwood Farms (120 yards).  I also spun some other coils out of some Frabjulous Fibers in the BFL base .

Book Review: Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook by Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson.

Favorite Things:

Fiber of the Month Unclub (starting in January). There will be another SAL this fall.

Listen/Read Along: Dark is Rising or Moon Over Manifest

Stash Dash Random Prize!

KnittingMill is wonderful!

Hobbledehoy Yarn and Fiber

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Birthday Bev!!!!!

Just One More Row Podcast

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

15 Responses to Episode 64 – Tempted by Tempted

  1. Ben says:

    The coils look like cocooons! (=^_^=)

  2. Jessica says:

    just curious about whether or not you have some kind of summary written down for the podcasts? I’m deaf & am not able to lipread all of it & would love to know what y’all are talking about (smile)… (or is there an app out there somewhere that can figure out the words & create captions?)

    THANKS! Jessica (aka Patchworkgirl on plurk & fb)

  3. Ben says:

    By the way, if you all need a person to fill in if Lala’s gone, I’d be happy to help ya’ll. 🙂

  4. Jessica says:

    First off, I ADORE the idea of the Unclub, or whatever name you come up with for spinning new fibers next year. I think it’s fabulous. Right now I’m in Crown Mountain Fibers fiber of the month club because all the fibers are new to me and it’s been a great experience spinning-wise. Take that same idea and throw in a bunch of people I know and love spinning the same fiber and I’m thrilled. Can’t wait for that one. Also, Laura’s art yarn is cool. I’m telling you that I saw similar stuff for sale for big bucks at MDS&W, Laura, so there. The My Wish shawl looks fabulous. I love the size of it. (I’m almost ready to start the lace portion for my test knit, btw.) Also, I snorted loudly when you mentioned me yelling at the screen about the infinity cowl. (Which is gorgeous, Leslie. Wish I could touch it.) And another also, thank you for mentioning about how Make A Wish touched my technician’s life. She is so brave dealing with her terminally ill adult daughter, plus the additional strain of not living in the same state as her daughter–she had no idea that I know someone who is actively fundraising for Make A Wish. She was just telling me about her visit (possibly her last one) with her daughter and how priceless it was for a day or so to leave the hospice center and go to the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and go on the ghost tour and for a day to forget about cancer. It really touched me.

  5. Laura, that shawl is fabulous! I can’t for you to release the pattern. I loved the Tempted theme. It’s definitely easy to be head over heels for Stacy’s yarn. Leslie, I’m counting the days until you are here being a temporary SoCal beach chick with me!

  6. Mill says:

    OMG!!!! You guys totally brightened my day! I’ve been on call all weekend and had a horrible night which ended by having to manually remove 3 ballooned eight balls of cocaine out of some crack head’s butt! (Just to clarify for those of you who don’t know: I’m a clinician at a hospital, so it wasn’t like I was on a bad date or anything) I wish I could say that incident was the pinnacle of my “crappy” shift, but no.

    So, anyway, I just got home from rounds feeling all tired, gross and schleppy. After a long, hot shower I settled in to watch the new episode and unwind before hitting the sheets when I heard LaLa say my username. I looked up from my knitting and did the whole Scooby Doo head tilt, ear prick thing mumbling, “Whunh?” My frown quickly turned upside down into a cheesy, toothy grin! Thanks for the nod and I’m glad I could give you guys some comic relief! Laura, the new shawl design is AWESOME!!!

    P.S. Leslie, sweetheart, I explained in my post on Rav that you were already taken by Mr. Awesome and I don’t want him coming after me (though I think I could take him). Fortunately, however, by being the BFF of LaLa you would reek many benefits from her having a gay husband (i.e., accompaniment during long walks down LYS aisles, free hair/makeup/wardrobe advice, ooh’s and ahh’s over recently FO’s, laughing until you tinkle a bit, etc.). So, please take heed and fret no longer. (“,)

  7. Abigail says:

    Oooh-another new podcast. Because I have so much spare time.

    Thanks for the episode ladies—really really needed it this week.


  8. Sue says:

    Leslie, I totally agree, it is so much fun to drop the drop stitches. I did a pattern called Storm Cloud Shawlette where you do that through the whole pattern and it was FUN!
    Laura did you say “slubby” black yarn or something else? I won’t say what I think I heard. lol

    I hope you can both get some videos of your adventures while you are away.

  9. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    5 stars


  10. Penny says:

    Love the shawl and can’t wait for the pattern..
    Did you cast on the Rock Island?? and how are you liking it?
    The shawl you are working on Leslie looks great.. I have that pattern but just never started it.. Now you have inspired me…
    Boy.. I have soooooooooooooo many shawls to knit!! Fun Fun Fun
    Is the Stash Dash Givaway just for sock yarn or any yarn??
    Love your Podcasts!!


  11. KateJonze says:

    Hey! I know that Crafty chick is cute and all, but she’s not the only SoCal girl around here! Fill me in … I may be able to meet up with y’all one day!

  12. Katiebell says:

    Where is the video???

  13. Sarah says:

    Hey, ya’ll! Loved this podcast so much! You have me looking stuff up on Ravelry and Amazon all through it! I’ve never wanted to look up this much stuff for ANY podcast. Loved the showcase of Tempted yarn. Beautiful stuff. She’s a really nice lady and wodnerful yarn dyer. Also loved the mention of Kristi (53chevy) and her beautiful pattern. Had to go look that up and add it to my queue. LOL Laura, I can’t wait until you release that shawl pattern for sale! How beautiful! Gonna have to start lookin’ for the perfect yarn to knit it up with! Can you recommend a Tempted yarn?! LOL Maybe I’ll just go by and dye it up myself! Look out, Stacy! LOL

  14. la la, i love your handspun socks:) they are beautiful.

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