Episode 69 – Regularly Scheduled Programming

This week it’s back to our normal show! Laura has an abundance of stuff in every category and Leslie’s lists are much smaller. We review Little Red in The City, and talk about how to win prizes.

THE SWAG BAGS ARE ALL GONE! Thank you all of you who donated and don’t fret if you didn’t.  We’ll be doing this again in a few months with a new quote.

Laura is knitting afterthought heel socks out of Another Crafty Girl in the Squirtle colorway, plain stockinette socks on 1.5 (2.5 mm). Sharon saved her life by gifting her some String Theory Entanglement in Quasar for some plain socks on 1.5 (2.5 mm). She is also knitting her Knitgirllls Afghan Swap square out of Cascade 220.

Leslie is working on the  leadlight on the size 4 needles.

Laura is finished with a Moody Kerchief on size 10 (6mm needles) needles out of Tosh DK in Tart and Tern colorways. Laura also is knitting the shawl, Gaenorout of Kitchen Sink Dyeworks in Luxe Merino Fine in the Dexter colorway size 5 (3.75).  She has Slippery Socks out of Urban Gypsy in the Sangria colorway on the needles.

Leslie has finished her Knitgirllls Afghan Swap Square

Laura is spinning singles of Numma Numma (Grape Jelly) and Sanguine Gryphon (Dark Wine Sea).

Book Review: Little Red in the City

Cloudlover Fiber

Dyeabolical Fiber

LazySockMonkey Orfice Hooks

Square from KnittingGirl/Angie

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL

Wollmeise KALs

Summer Stash Dash

Swag Bags (all sold out)

Lynnzimm’s Make a Wish Fundraiser

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

90 Responses to Episode 69 – Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. Steven says:

    I would have to say my favorite Knitgirllls moment would have to be the add on with Laura in the last episode with Lemonhalf. Seeing her singing and knowing that she had no idea that that was going to be put in made me laugh so hard. Thanks for doing such an amazing job and for being a major inspiration for me to get my podcast up and running!

  2. Knitphomaniac (Amy) says:

    My favorite moment is from this episode. When Laura said Leslie was “working a swing” I almost spit coke everywhere! Then when Leslie clarified that, the look on Laura’s face when she realized how gutter that sounded was priceless!! LOL! Thanks for an awesome show as usual. So glad to see ya’ll together again and looks on ya’ll’s faces being with each other again was great 🙂

  3. Mim58 says:

    My favorite moment was on this episode when Laura commented about Leslie “working a swing”. When Leslie felt the “need to clarify” I got the giggles right along with Laura! Y’all are priceless, apart or together, but together is so much more fun. You obviously enjoy each other’s company. Thank you for all the information and entertainment.

  4. Sarah says:

    Please don’t enter me in the contest, but I had to tell ya’ll how glad I am to be watching the Knit Girllls together again!

  5. Jessica says:

    Aww, it’s so good to see you two back again. Favorite moment, I’ve got a bunch, but I loved Laura’s RuPaul singing. Yay for you guys with the bags. Thanks for the heads up about the Wollmeise KAL’s. Also, no freakin’ kidding about different cultural attitudes in taking vacation. I was absolutely apologetic to my district office/scheduler about having the nerve to take three days off of work coming up this week/next Monday to attend Sock Summit after taking a week vacation this month to go to Colorado. I feel serious guilt and apologized–what’s wrong with that picture? Another also, Leslie, your hair looks lovely today. Miss you guys.

  6. Kimberly (SockBunny) says:

    I just love the fact that you have a “chastity pillow” between you. I look on every episode to see if I can spot it. LOL I really love when you have guests on the podcast. But, I think my favorite thing is when you both say “hi, y’all” at the beginning of every podcast. 😉

  7. EllenEmOHPea says:

    one of my favorite shows was when Laura turned the best shade of pink when Leslie embarrassed her totally by accident… the timing was perfect…

    … and if you pick me… please pass my win to the next person that leaves a comment..

    .. thank you very much..

  8. folksmith says:

    I can’t remember which episode but the one that made me laugh out loud is when Leslie said that she was learning to sew and didn’t realize that you had to put the foot down to get it to sew. It was like a ‘dah’ moment. Love your show, glad you are both back together. Can’t believe that school starts so early for you all. Sure hope your schools have AC.

  9. Judy hall says:

    I loved the add on at the of the LaLa and Becky show. LaLa has talent. Judy

  10. Judy hall says:

    Your editing and the add on of the of the LaLa and Becky show. LaLa has singing talent. Judy

  11. Betty says:

    My best moments are when you can see how you both support each other thru everything. I love the road trips to places and how you involve us in your shopping adventures. My most favorite item is the afterthought heel tutorial – I finally think I can do one now. Thanks again for all you do for us. We know it takes a lot more time than we just see on the podcast.

  12. StacyLoves says:

    My absolute favorite moment of the knit girllls so far is in episode 63 when Leslie makes Lala blush cherry red by saying she had a cute teacher for a workshop. I go back and rewatch that episode when I need a pick me up. Ya’ll are awesome.

  13. Paul says:

    I look forward to seeing the show every week. My most recent favorite from the Knit Girllls was the afterthought heel tutorial. I’m pauly81 on ravely

  14. Roina says:

    Hmm.. I can’t tell wich one is my favorite moment ’cause i love everything about your show! I’m a pretty new follower, started to follow you from the ”Love your Face” episode. That’s maybe one of my favourite shows. I liked also the CampKIP video. My favorite moment on that was in the end when Laura told she was super tired and ” my eyes are just we hate you, die..” 😀 <3 Love you!

  15. Stephen Waters says:

    well my favorite moments are always when I hear “Hi Ya’ll”
    or “Bye Ya’ll” and LOVED LOVED LOVED last week’s episode
    at the very end when LaLa was dancing and singing at the end…..
    I giggled and loved that moment….
    Happy Knitting Ya’ll

  16. My favourite moment was the tour of the new craft room, and getting to see all the stuff that is behind the scenes, that we don’t get to see on camera each week

  17. Amy says:

    My favorite moment recently was when Becky wore the knitted hair that made her look like Leslie and then how she called herself udontcallmelemonhalf. That cracked me up. I love watching you girls and it really makes my monday.

  18. Netta schwartz says:

    I anxiously await each episode. Y’all make me smile. I love when we are introduced to some guests. We get to put faces with the names we hear you talk about. Also, great tutorials. Thanks for all you do

  19. Tbird0123 says:

    favorite moment was the shortie video trying to convince someone to visit, like the old spice commericals “now look over here’ Laughed Out Loud’

  20. Donna says:

    I love the way Laura says “Bye Y’all” at the end of each show. It’s all giggly and southern!

  21. Jessica Peled says:

    My latest FAVORITE Knitgirllls moment was at the end of last week’s episode with lemonhalf- when Laura was singing to the camera and doing a little dance while the caption next to her read something like “This is what happens when Laura records alone and Leslie edits….” It was flippin’ adorable!!!!
    Jpeled on ravelry

  22. I have two favourite moments:

    The look on Leslie’s face when Laura made her wear Shrek ears.

    The look on Laura’s face when she was describing her dad’s foray into laundry.

    You guys are awesome. I love the book reviews. And I think you’ve got amazing yarn stashes. I know Regia’s not the big silky knitting experience, but I’d love to win it. It’s my favourite yarn for socks. Sturdy and indestructible. My second pair of socks was knit in their India cotton line and I still wear them.

  23. Cassey Gaboury says:

    I love all the episodes! If I had to pick one moment it would be Laura dancing and singing. Thank you for putting all the work into posting these episodes for us to view. Ya’ll are great!

  24. NerdGirl says:

    There are so many favorite moments from your episodes & every time I see what someone else has written, I’m all: Oh that’s one of my favorites too!!! However, I’m going to stick with what first popped into my head. It’s from one of the older episodes but I can’t remember which one. (When I discovered you guys I went on a binge and caught up with all of the previous episodes in a weekend so the episodes blur together.) Anyway, when Leslie was talking about having to do something that she didn’t particularly want to do and she thought “I’m an f-ing KnitGirlll, I shouldn’t have to do this!” Amen, sister!!!!!

  25. Elisa says:

    I still laugh at when Laura was setting the twist by spinning it around and generally spraying everything with water. I don’t have the episode number but it ws funny.

  26. Kristen Machowski says:

    Oh my goodness making us pick just one favorite moment is just cruel. You guys have perfect chemistry and play off one another so perfectly. There are tons of moments where you have made me laugh so hard I shot soda at my computer screen which then made my boyfriend look at me like I was mad, I’m totally fine with that though. 
    Ok I guess if I must pick just one it would be the add on in the episode where Laura was with her sister. Seeing her sing and do a little dance was just priceless I couldn’t stop laughing and I think I replayed it at least 10 times. 
    Oh before I go I’d like to say congrats on the bags, we all could use more project bags.

  27. KayP says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite moment, but if I have to I will say it was Laura turning all red when Leslie teased her about the cute trainer! I’ve many a beet red moment myself! Love the show, thanks for doing it!

  28. Tina says:

    Wow, tough to pick a specific moment, they are all FANTASTIC! But I love your episodes when you have special guests featured with you. The knitgirllls ROCK!

  29. Lacey says:

    My favorite KG moment was Leslie picking on Laura about cute prof. dev. guy. (Or at least that’s what I think he was). Lala got so pink and flustered she couldn’t knit or talk. LOVE it. If my number wins, please pass my win to the post 1 above me. Love y’all!

  30. juliebie says:

    My favorite moment was the big sqeezy hug Beck gave Laura in episode 68. There was a lot of love in that hug. It made my day. 🙂

  31. Jan says:

    I loved the episode where you were all crawling on the floor blocking Karin’s shawl, and then when she said she went back and blocked it even more. It looked perfect to me just as it was.

  32. Leah (blessedNjoyful) says:

    My favorite is still the episode with the wax mustaches from “way back”. 🙂

  33. Mary Keeler. AKA. NanaMama says:

    My most favorite moment was a recent one. When Leslie was at the school conference and I think it was an instructor she had that she liked, Leslie embarresed her so badly that Laura turned the brightest shade of red I have ever seen. In fact I love it every time Laura gets embarresed (sorry Laura). Enjoy you both very much.

  34. ScottieGirl1 says:

    In episode 61, Leslie showed a zipper purse tote that I thought was really cute. Definitely not a beginner project, but that shouldn’t stop you when you have talent. Way to go!

  35. SimplyME5252 says:

    Hey Y’all. I’m sorry y’all felt all overwhelmed with the hpkchc. I usually just do the projects, there was no way to keep up with the boards. I’ve been a slacker there myself this term. lol.
    I have to say my fav moment was the episode after campKIP, when you guys gave me a shout out. I was so nervous to even speak to y’all @ camp then to watch and here my name. I wish someone recorded my reaction.
    anyways, you rock as usual.

  36. Victoria says:

    I love the episode with Carin from round the twist.I love when my pod-casters mingle.
    and i do want a bag that is signed!@:)

  37. Lauren Hier says:

    I have to agree with some of the previously mentioned… I loved this episodes swing comment!

  38. Ashley says:

    “working a swing”–so, so funny! But I think my favorite was seeing Laura’s niece playing with the monkey she knit for her. Or maybe the dog-riding monkeys. That whole episode was hilarious!

  39. nicky says:

    My favorite two quotes are “Yay” and “Awesome”. I personally use these quotes regularly and just love the fact that you girls use them too. Yay for knitting!

  40. lkmemphis says:

    Hmmmm, so many shows, so many, many great moments. I agree with the previous posts that the show LaLa did w/ her sister was precious, from the Hallowig (I laughed so hard) to the dog-riding monkeys and her niece playing with the monkey toy, and then the little tagged on singing bit (great editing!), but I missed y’all being together and I was soooo happy to see you had a new podcast up there today!!!

  41. Sandy Z. says:

    My favorite Knitgirllls moment was the high speed shawl blocking. I wish mine would go that fast!

  42. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    great to have back together, the previous 2 videos were fine, but the Leslie plus Laura chemistry is unique.
    favourite episode????? Lordy, that is a tough one. I suppose because of the recent withdrawal symptoms it
    has to be Episode 70-1

  43. Crystal says:

    My favorite moment is the entire episode with Carin.

  44. Lori says:

    I loved when Leslie showed us her new craft room! I was most impressed with Mr. Awesome’s server setup. I even made sure my son saw it.

  45. Tobey says:

    I’m a fairly recent listener and have caught up with all your episodes this summer. I had to go back a few to find in Episode 51: When Leslie was talking about spending all week painting and moving into the craft room.

    Laura: “That’s OK, We all have weeks like that, everyone understands”

    Leslie: “I love that you are trying to make me feel better” (pat, pat, and shoulder rub…)

    Laura: (shoulders drawn up and leaning away) “YOU’RE IN MY BUBBLE”

    Your podcast makes me laugh and be glad I’m a knitter too. Thank you for sharing your lives and knitting with us.

  46. RunningWithSoda says:

    Favorite KnitGirllls moment — when Leslie talked about dragging herself into work in bad weather one day, and thinking to herself, “I shouldn’t have to do this, I’m a f–ing KnitGirlll!” Laura cracked up as she dropped the f-bomb and so did I!

  47. Erin says:

    My most recent favourite moment is actually from this episode when Leslie mentions this is episode 69, and Laura giggles because…well, if you don’t know why “69” is funny, I don’t want to be the one to tell you. (But don’t google it if you’re at work.)

  48. Melody says:

    It’s great to see you two together again… you are so pricelessly precious together. There are so many moments that spring to mind. I loved Leslie dropping the f-bomb and the hilarity that ensued. You guys always make me smile.. okay, laugh out loud.
    Being from the south myself, I love the “bye y’alls”.. and waves.

  49. Mytime says:

    I always enjoy watching the podcasts with “y’all”. Congratulations on your growing audience! Some memorable moments include: 1) Laura blushing about the cute trainer; 2) when Becky gives Laura the biggest hug; 3) Leslie clarifies the “swinger” issue; and 4) Leslie and Laura break the “personal space bubble” and lean on each other. Thanks for an awesome show!

  50. I love everything about the show – and am just sad that I’ve caught up on every past episode! From now on it will have to be true “reruns” while waiting for a new show to appear each week!

    My favorite quote from the show:
    “My coworkers know I knit…..They don’t know how MUCH I knit, but they know I knit.” — LaLa

    Enjoy your last few days of freedom Lala – and I thought that August 21st was early for school to start school!

  51. Geal says:

    I love everything about the both of you! I love the walk arounds at the festivals. Also loved LaLa’s singing and the chastity pillow!! Great job and keep the love going!

  52. loveelamb says:

    Definitely learning about your “chastity pillow.” Hilarious. I have now adopted the term into my vocabulary!

  53. Fran Walker says:

    I really enjoy each and every show but I have to say the monkeys riding the border collies was halarious. I also loved the tour of the new room and seeing the server room at Leslie’s house – Wow that was impressive ! Wish I had all that techy skill. I really appreciate you all. Thanks for your work and all the effort you make. You all make it so much fun to knit and I am such a fan

  54. Anna says:

    My absolute favorite moment was in theknitgirllls want emo when ya’ll said “be a part of this, all of this”. Paired with the hand motion it was absolutely hilarious. I just started knitting about a year ago and just found ya’ll about a week ago and am already being enabled to the dismay of my husband. Can’t wait to see the next videos and am loving watching the old ones and getting caught up!!

  55. Laurie Langley says:

    One of my favorite Knit Girlll moments was when the two of you were laying in the same bed together, podcasting after a long fiber event (can’t remember which one????) but I know you ALWAYS have the chastity pillow between you!

  56. Kipperknitter says:

    I can’t pick just one moment but everytime Leslie says “crap ton” and Laura says “Hi ya’ll!” it makes me smile! So glad to see you two back together on the videocast!!!!

  57. Missy says:

    I could have swore my message posted earlier but I’m not seeing it so make sure I don’t get counted twice because I don’t mean to. I had stated that I am new to listening to your podcasts since I’m new to fiber arts but I will say that each episode gives me a chuckle each and every time. You two work really well together, keep it up!!

  58. Kate says:

    Girllls, I love this episode. i’m so glad you’re both back in the saddle. I have to say that what I really love about your podcast is your friendship. It’s really lovely to see two friends who so enjoy one another and encourage and foster each other’s projects. The structure you’ve set up where you go through an order of projects, spinning, etc – is nice so that we know what to expect and look forward to. I can’t say enough about how wonderful to see two young women who are promoting the craft and art of spinning, and knitting. I CAN’T wAIT till you start weaving. It’s inevitable – trust me.

    BTW I did contribute to your efforts and I want a bag signed by Lala and DontCallMeLes.

    Stay cool and enjoy the summer. The stay cool part is getting a little tough here in St. Louis so I can’t imagine the joys of Mississippi. My white lace baby blanket is keeping me cool mentally, so I’m grateful for knitting once more.

  59. Stephanie says:

    The best moment in the show history was when Laura found out about her “Man Crush!” I watched you face turn several shades of red and then pink and then red again. It was so cute to see that you had an admirer and how beautiful he thought you are. So cute

  60. Jessica says:

    My favorite moment to date is from this episode! The look on Leslie’s face, it was like she wanted to punch someone! And that’s how I’ve felt all day!

    You girls are awesome! Bye Ya’ll!


  61. Denise says:

    I am a pretty new watcher. (oh where have a been all these episodes!!) I enjoy all the chatting and I love your “southern” accents. I am from MN and we don’t heard Bye Ya’ll very often. Keep up the good work.

  62. Naomi says:

    There are so many favorites! I look forward to your show because you guys have so much fun together. It’s uplifting and encouraging. How hard it is to pick the favorite…I loved the monkeys riding the herd dogs in #68 but I think my top fav is still the tour of the craft room. I love ogling stuff and organizer ideas!

  63. penelope says:

    One quick episode was when Carin was visiting and Leslie’s voice was in the background, and you could really recognize her, \from an unknown\ location. How is that for Notoriety!!

  64. gracielynn says:

    ok. my favorite moment was when ‘ leslie embarrased laura ” about the cute guy 🙂


  65. Denise-littleforker on Rav. says:

    I’m a newbie who’s quickly turned into a fan. Love your show. Have been a Loopy fan and very jealous of anyone who gets to go to the SpringFling. Have you commented about their “move” yet?
    My favorite moment was on Episode 17(?) when Laura talked about caking up some of her new yarn instead of buying more. I do that too. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me??
    Hope to hear alot more from you 2.

  66. Gail Bable says:

    My favorite moment was getting to see you both in person at Camp Kip! (I was the one helping to shear the mini llamas) and then getting to see myself on your podcast! I can’t wait until each new episode comes out. Thank you so much for such a wonderful hour you give us each week.

  67. Shelby says:

    I have to say my favorite so far was the last episode when Laura was singing/dancing at the end (Leslie’s edit)
    I’m a newer viewer and just watched about 30 episodes in 2.5 weeks so by watching all those episodes all at the same time they tend to run together. Y’all are my favorite podcast and I LOVE watching you!!

  68. Talithia says:

    Honestly, I just love watching Ya’ll in the mornings while the Kids are still sleeping.
    But I do love that ya’ll introduced me to Around the twist. Other than the 2 of you that is the only video cast I watch. Keep on with the introducing us to new pod/video cast. I love the show!!!! Thanks for the after thought heel tutorial.

  69. Pat says:

    My favorite moment is the episode with Laura and Lemonhalf – at the end with the creative editing. I just couldn’t stop giggling! I love this show and can’t wait for the new episodes to come out!

  70. Kat says:

    Just wanted to say I love the podcast, and I’m so glad that everyone is back home. Also wanted to make a comment about the spinning, specifically, ‘losing’ your ends on the bobbin. I bought a packet of the Velcro dots with the adhesive on them. I put a ‘hook’ dot on each one of my bobbins, and on the outside of each arm of my flyer. If I need to stop spinning, or to pull a half-finished bobbin off, I just lay the end of the single across the Velcro dot, and the little hooks catch the fiber, keeping everything in place. No more lost ends!!

  71. Rolene says:

    My favorite moment was LaLa singing “Don’t be Jealous of my Boogie” –

    I had just taken a sip of DDP & it almost went everywhere!

  72. Sharon Graves says:

    My favorite show was one of the first that I watched. Laura was talking about planning the Starving Artist hat in the shower. I’m just finishing a Vonica sweater and am planning to make that hat from my leftover yarn. You guys were my first video cast (recommend by a good friend) and still my favorite!

    bishopknitter (Sharon)

  73. Eloise says:

    My favorite moment recently was the “swing moment” . The look on Leslie’s face was priceless.

  74. Cindy says:

    I absolutely loved the Leslie working the swing shift! LOL and I loved the editing to add your singing.. Both very fun moments! I do love the podcast as a whole though.
    Thank you for being wonderful! and fun to watch!

  75. Suzanne says:

    It’s hard to just choose one favourite moment…. there have been so many! In this episode where Leslie had to explain ” a swing” was pretty funny. Also love the tours that Leslie gave of knitting room, the tutorials and the off location special episodes. 🙂

  76. Belinda Gritter says:

    You asked for our favorite moment in Knitgirllls history. Mine would have to be the episode when Carin from Round The Twist was the special guest. You three were practically giddy and Carin smiled and laughed a lot more than she usually does in her podcast. So much fun to see the lighthearted side of her. And when Leslie and Carin henna-ed your hair, I really enjoyed that. I liked the outcome for both of you. Then there was the “never again” moment. . . . something we’ve all had! Keep it up girls. You are a knitting inspiration!

  77. Pam says:

    I’m glad to have you two back together like normal. The trips and guests are fun, but I still prefer the show this way. 🙂

    The moment that first pops in my mind is when you were talking about Lala’s cute workshop teacher, and she blushed beet red.

  78. Mindi says:

    I love all the times that you just have funny expressions, especially LaLa. You both play off each other and it’s the sense of whimsy that keeps me coming back!

  79. Katrina says:

    It’s great to have both of you back. I loved the special guests lately. My favorite moment would have to be the episode with Carin, three of my favorite podcasters all in one place. Thanks for the show ladies, I’ve enjoyed catching up on all the episodes this summer. You keep me laughing and excited to keep creating.

  80. Camille says:

    My favorite Knit Girllls moment was the inspinknitty blocking wire demo – the music was great and it was fun to watch you guys! In fact, I bought a set of their wires as a result of seeing your review!

  81. Kim says:

    My favorite episode is the one where you introduce the Trendel. I love to watch LaLa as she spins on that because she follows it with her eyes in complete focus! I love to spin on my wheel and only during this tour de fleece, on challenge day, was I able to FINALLY get the hang of my spindle, which I had long before my wheel!

    Girllls, you do such a great job and I look forward to your weekly podcast. You keep me motivated and up to date. Thank you for all that you do!

  82. Jenn B. says:

    Great seeing the two of you back together even though I did enjoy the special guest episodes!

    My favorite moment would have to be from last episode when Laura was singing at the end. I got quite a kick out of it!

  83. ewesmama says:

    my favorite episode is whichever one i happen to be watching, love you both I am sure if you lived in ohio we would be best friends, tonights episode whith the head hug was awesome !

  84. Rebecca says:

    My fav comment was on episode 4… Leslie said \Lets eat all the cupcakes and see what happens\… kind of like when i would say lets not do the dishes and say we did 😛

  85. Jackie says:

    My favorite Knitgirllls moment was when I talked Leslie into lying about a recent knitted object when she had nothing to knit. 😀 I also like when they talk about me. Love you guys!

  86. Honestly my favorite moment is a recent one and it’s how Leslie was a bit sneaky and put Laura singing at the end of her recording with Lemonhalf. Plus the wrangling monkeys were kinda awesome too!

  87. Lori - LPpurl says:

    So hard to pick just one! I love (and I’m so grateful for) the tutorials that you do. Loved the episode when you toured the new craft room. I also love checking out what knitting related t-shirts you have on and how you match your knitwear to it. Love you guys – thanks for such a great show!

  88. Ro Countryman says:

    Just wanted to say (ignore for prize purposes, obviously) my favorite moment was the Old Spice spoof. Genius, and so funny.

  89. Maryse says:

    Since I just discovered your blog and we’re already July 31st, I have to say that the best Knit Girllls moment would be from episode 69 😉 Seriously, I really enjoyed watching your podcast and review of Little Red in the City as well as seeing all the projects that you are working on! Great show!

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