Episode 80 – Knit Whatever You Want Day

Laura has started a Frostbite hat out of Cascade Ecological Wool from Hank of Yarn.  If you have time Glenna C. has a wonderful blog.   Laura is knitting an Age of Brass and Steam out of the handspun of Frabjous Fibers in the Ink colorway of their glitter blend.  Laura has on the needles some self-designed socks out of STR lightweight in the Fire on the Mountain colorway (size 1.5 needles) and also has some  cutest booties on the needles.  This yarn was purchased at the wonderful Sweet Sheep Yarn shop when I first began knitting.

Leslie is knitting on a new sweater using Jared Flood’s class notes about EZ’s sweater percentage system (You can find more details about it in Knitting without Tears). She is knitting in on needles from Glass Pens.  Cowl out of the lovely Aran weight from Another Crafty Girl on size 9s.  She began a  Thermis out of her Cakewalk yarn in the Weenie colorway (she is holding it doubled).

Leslie has finished a square for Lisa’s Breast Cancer Blanket.  It was knit out of Cascade 220 superwash.

Leslie has plied some lovely Miss Babs fiber with Fiber Optic in the Monet.  She got 746 yards of the 2 plied together and 120 yards of just the Miss Babs.  Next on her wheel will be some Dyebolical.

Laura has spun 350 yards of a dk yarn from some superwash BFL from Numma Numma  for Knitting Pipeline’s Shaelyn KAL. Laura also has a 3 oz batt from on the wheel from Dawning Dreams and is going to start some Tempted roving in the Treehugger colorway.

Book Review: Vogue Knitting Mittens and Gloves


Happy Birthday CP!

 SAL/KAL fiber and yarn preorders

 SAL/KAL pattern thread

Stash Dash buttons: Please pm Laura your address if you completed stash dash.

SSK update: Knitalongs in the SSK Rav group

Knit Whatever the Heck You Want Day

Movie Night Double Feature: October 28th, 7pm central time, Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus

Cakewalk Yarns  is offering free shipping worldwide to all knitgirllls watchers with the code knitgirllls10.

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

120 Responses to Episode 80 – Knit Whatever You Want Day

  1. Erin says:

    I was super excited to see this podcast before I went to bed….great way to end the day 🙂

    • Dianne says:

      Thanks for the vidcasts. I watch in bed on my ipod every Sunday/Monday. You make me laugh because you two are soooo different. I have seen all episodes now. I am pretty good with the lingo. I still want to know what BFL is. I am trying socks but the heel turn is making me a bit nuts. I had to try only because you ladies talk about them all the time. Keep up the good work you are AWESOME !!!

  2. Tracy says:

    I just started watching your podcast, so I am watching the new ones being posted along with all the later shows, and it is such an enjoyment! Both of you are very talented as crafters, artists, and podcasters. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Carla says:

    Same with me Erin – I watched in bed! 🙂

  4. Sandi B says:

    Now that I am caught up with all your podcasts, I’m gonna have to go back and rewatch them. I miss you guys too much to wait and entire week until the next episode. Thanks for all you do

  5. I enjoy the podcast every week. I like your handspun, I want the book

  6. lorraine says:

    great episode! i cant wait to see what that Dyeabolical is going to look like all spun up 🙂

  7. Tiffany Newman says:

    Took full advantage of the knit whatever the heck I want. Old project & castes on a new one
    And of course another great episode!

  8. Penny H says:

    As always, great episode. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on and what you have completed.

  9. ponkie says:

    Love you girls! Another great episode. I have a hard time finishing things on a monthly basis so I’m always amazed when you girls regularly have finished objects. I’m getting better at knitting more consistently since my knitting group started meeting weekly instead of monthly. They remind me and encourage me so much. Plus they’re always finding and knitting up gorgeous things that I want for myself.

  10. herbalsheila says:

    I hope I am doing this correctly. I loved the webisode.

    Please let me know if I can weave up the yarn for the Cloudlover SAL KAL. I am not sure I would ever be able to get a knitted project done within the time limit cuz I am so slow and inept at knitting.

    It would be cool if I won the book!

  11. ANN aka realmessy says:

    I love Knit Whatever You Want Day. I think it should be a monthly thing. Once a month the Knitgirllls have a Knit Whatever You Want day. It sure would help finish things up or help start things for the month. I suggest either the first or last Sunday of the month. Just a friendly reminder from the Knitgirllls to knit – whatever…..

    Luv you guys – keep going – never stop. I mean that in all selfishness.


  12. Knitphomaniac says:

    I start each week out by watching the new episode. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate a day off!

  13. Julie says:

    I’ll take the book with or without the stickies!

  14. Terry says:

    This is the first podcast I view/listen to when I get to work on monday mornings. I love the suggestions and the opportunity to see the fiber/yarn you show us. It gets me wanting to work on more. Keep it up.

  15. K Harvey says:

    great episode:) i wish i could drink while i knit like leslie.

  16. bean says:

    Mondays are made a bit better each week with you guys so thank you.

  17. Christine Wands says:

    Just started watching you a couple of months ago, and have become a fan. Although I’ve been knitting since childhood, I was never all that adventurous (despite several complex Aran sweaters). You’ve inspired me to stretch myself and try new things.

    My trip to Rhinebeck this weekend will give me some new yarns to try some of the ideas you’ve inspired.


  18. BigAshDog says:

    Great episode! I love that y’all knit during the podcast. I love to knit along with you. BTW – LOVE the Thin Ice pattern and I can’t wait until April when I am allowed to buy some more yarn. I have plans to knit this in a gradient colorway. It’ll be lovely!

  19. Kelly W. says:

    Once again, another great podcast.
    The Knit Whatever You want Day is also my son’s birthday so he’s decided that it will be become Knit whatever My Kid wants day…lol.

  20. Jolene says:

    I’d like to thank my friend Judith for introducing me to your podcast!

  21. Hayley C. says:

    Y’alls podcast was great today! I loved it! 🙂

    Redhotneedles on Ravelry

  22. YarnSniper says:

    LOVE you ladies!! Have yarn, need pattern, now pick me please!

  23. Eloise says:

    Leslie you can knit those fingerless gloved for me since you won’t do them for yourself. You should be a little selfish. LOL

  24. Geal says:

    great job again as always

  25. Diane L. says:

    great episode! I also really liked the interview with Lexi Boeger. You guys should do interviews more often, it’s really interesting to learn more about fiber artists.

    Keep up the great work, ya’ll 😉

  26. Catherine says:

    Really enjoyed this episode as always, thank you so much again!!

  27. southparknitter says:

    I don’t have FOs every week but seem to finish several things at the same time.

  28. Amy says:

    another great episode! I’d love to win that book….I want to make mittens/gloves for everyone on my Christmas list this year so it’d be perfect!

  29. Anna S says:

    Great episode! I love the thermis cowl, it is definitely going on my needles… at some point when I’m done wit xmas knitting 🙂

  30. Linda says:

    I love your podcast and I’d love to win the mitten/glove book. I’m especially interested in the armwarmers.

  31. Chelsea says:

    Treehugger = friggin gorgeous! Also: mittensmittensmittens!

  32. Jana Ames says:

    I look forward to you podcast every week. Thanks for doing it for us.

  33. ChristiD says:

    Good episode!! Pick me for the book!!

    On KWYW Day, I started crocheting a wrap designed by a friend. It looks great!!

  34. I love the rainy day mitts. 🙂

  35. Roina says:

    Thanks again of a lovely episode! <3

  36. aprilshowers says:

    Ooh, I love those mitts with the little trees. Not a look I could pull off myself but there are plenty of little girls in my life who would love them. And the Jared Flood mittens for me, in green, just like the photo!

  37. Scottie says:

    This looks like a great book, full of challenging projects for me. Thanks for the chance to win it. :^)

  38. Maria says:

    Great episode; love the book.

  39. Lauren says:

    Keep up the good work! As a fellow librarian, I loved Laura’s little price tip on the barcode. People have the same reaction when I tell them about it. 🙂

  40. My daughter has got me hooked on watching your podcasts. While we were at our trailers this past summer and the kiddos were in bed my daughter and I would sit and knit and watch together. I really enjoyed and now i’m in the middle of downloading new ones for me to catch up! Enjoying so much.

  41. Amy says:

    I’d wanted to watch this yesterday while I did KWYW day, but I was already asleep – so I watched today instead 🙂 Love the handspun this week! Of course, I usually do, but I think Leslie’s was particularly beautiful – and I nearly drooled over Laura’s. I so need to learn how to spin!

  42. Debbi Overweg says:

    lovely book! i love knitting mittens and am a more recent subscriber to vogue knitting.

  43. Debie Wiebe says:

    Enjoyed your episode 80!! Keep up the good work. Would love the book so I can knit mitts for my 5 children!

  44. Kathy Stanley says:

    I love the mittens and glove book! you guys are very kind to give it away.

  45. StacyLoves says:

    The show was awesome lady.

  46. Syd says:

    I haven’t done real mittens yet, only fingerless 🙂

  47. Kathy says:

    Loved the episode and since I live in Colorado, mittens and gloves are a necessity. Would love to win the book.

  48. Kate says:

    I love your handspun – it actually makes me want to learn so I can make yarn that is that beautiful – way more interesting than stuff you can find in the shop!

  49. Elana says:

    Love the yarn for the kal BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  50. Alicia Howard says:

    The book looks cool! Or should I say warm!

  51. Thank you for the birthday love! Miss you both! It’s too warm here for mittens 😉

  52. susan says:

    would love to make those happy day fingerless mitts!!

  53. River Cameron says:

    Another great episode :-). The book looks great, as I didn’t start knitting until January of this year, so they’d all be new patterns to me :-).
    Can’t wait to get to meet y’all at SSK!

  54. Mary Beth says:

    this book looks very cool! thanks!!

  55. You Girllls are so BAD…I signed up for a beginning spinning class at my LYS because of YOU TWO! What other things do you have planned that lead me astray???

    Really, I was sad when I caught up on all your podcasts. Now I can’t wait for the new one to appear each week. Perhaps with the new knowledge that I will soon acquire I’ll have to go back and watch the episodes with on eye on all the spinning info!

  56. Brittany says:

    Great episode this week. I love the book! I also ordered fiber for the SAL/KAL – so excited!

  57. Tracy Patterson says:

    I am soo addicted to your podcast and can’t wait to see the new one each week! I want to attend AR Fiber Extravaganza but all of Laura’s classes are Sold OUT:(
    And I will be attending the Fiber in the Boro in Murfesboro too:) Hope to say Hi!

  58. Rae says:

    There are so many cute patterns in that book.

  59. Susan says:

    Do I need mittens where I live? No…..but I have a lot of friends that still live in places that have a season called winter.

  60. marina says:

    yay, another episode. i’ve caught up on all the old episodes now and have now joined the crowds that have to wait seven days 🙂

  61. I would love to win the book.

  62. Janet Fulkerson says:

    Would love to have this book. You guys are so much fun to watch. Thanks for your time and efforts.


  63. Suzanne Marie says:

    Love the knit what you want day!
    Wishing you both safe travels during the next month

  64. Fran Walker says:

    I never miss an episode -Laura needs to find some friends with her same size foot and give some away- I wear size 10 shoe I think that is the same size as Laura–hint-hint- wink- wink! Love the giveaways – wish I’d win

  65. Eremophila says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I knit my first gloves earlier this year and I’m keen to try more

  66. Xhantippe says:

    I really like that you are knitting during the podcast! Watch your podcast every week 🙂

  67. Anna L says:

    Mittens and Gloves looks great and would love to win it. Love the show–you make me almost want to spin again.

  68. stephanie gordon says:

    Love your podcast! Look forward to watching it each week – you two are so inspiring!!! Thanks for the chance to win! I also noticed someone posted that you make her want to spin again. You are making me want to learn! Someday!

  69. ScotiaKnit says:

    Another great episode. As always!!! Vogue Knitting scares me…..but the patterns in that book look great….I would love to make a home for it – sticky tabs and all.

  70. Mary T says:

    My niece would love the Rainy Day Mitts. I look forward to watching the podcast every week.

  71. Ausifer says:

    I just love your podcasts, they’re great to watch while knitting 🙂 I was wondering, when you’re going to make that trindle review. I’ve been wondering if to buy myself one.

  72. Kam says:

    Another great ep.

    I enjoyed the book review…though living in Florida mittens are worn maybe 1 week a year.


  73. Debbie H says:

    I would love to win. thanks! debbie h

  74. Aron says:

    great episode ladies. The book looks neat!

  75. Jackie says:

    I have never made mittens so would love to win this book.

  76. Looks like a fabulous book. Of course I’m biased as I love knitting both Mittens and gloves!

    Judith (on ravelry)

  77. Stephanie B says:

    Looks like a great book! Great episdoe.

  78. Anna says:

    Love this week’s show! : D

  79. Gabriela Pinto Prieto says:

    Great epidose! I loved Laura’s hat. The colour is amazing. Thank you for giving the book away, I think the photograpy is fantastic.

    GabrielaKos on raverly

  80. Bonnie says:

    Laura, love the hat. Adding to queue. I have just discovered podcasts and love yours. Working my way thru the old ones as well as keeping up with the new. It’s like having a new knitting group. Thanks.

  81. Stacie Bee says:

    I loved this episode, and couldn’t believe that Leslie had 3 WIPs! Leslie, you should come to the Boro!!! I’ll be working at the booth for my LYS, The Knaughty Knitter 😉

  82. Theresa says:

    I loved the episode. I didn’t start anything new for Knit Whatever You Want Day. Instead I worked on some baby things that I have on the needles. I’d love to win the book since I have been thinking about mittens and gloves lately.
    Thanks for another fun episode. I wish I could participate in the SAL/KAL, but it’s not possible this time around.

  83. Jezz says:

    Thanks to both of you for all your inspiration. Your book reviews are fun to watch.

  84. Anne says:

    Hi, I love to hear about (and see)all the spinning you are doing. You have inspired me to starting spinning again. Thanks!

  85. Ashley says:

    Lala, you do great by getting so many FO’s each week. Great job!

  86. Kristin says:

    I wish every day was knit whatever you want day 🙂

    Great podcast!!

  87. Jurnie says:

    Another great podcast. LaLa love your shirt!

  88. Leslie says:

    I love this podcast. I often cant wait for the new ones to be on here. You guys are awesome!

  89. Maria M says:

    I enjoyed the podcast as always.
    As for the book, I would really enjoy using it.

  90. Angela says:

    Love your podcast and I’d love this book. I’ve started doing gloves, mittens, fingerless mitts and would love some more patterns!

  91. CourTney says:

    Fun episode guys! I will take your advice and knit whatever I want today.

  92. Sheri Bradshaw says:

    Thanks again! I’m knitting whatever I want most days!

  93. Sandra says:

    Love the show as usual.

  94. Kelly N says:

    Great podcast and great giveaway. Thanks knitgirllls

  95. Ann says:

    Wonderful show!
    I’ve been quarantined this past week cause of a cold and am very grateful to watch you too, since I had to miss my knit group. Cheers!

  96. Pat says:

    I enjoyed watching this episode as I walked on the treadmill! You keep my mind off my misery!

  97. Joyce D'Alessio says:

    Great podcast and great giveaway. Thanks knitgirllls

  98. Michele says:

    Thanks for the podcast. The video with Lexi was so helpful…..Thanks girls. The mitten book looks great!

  99. anne vally says:

    Lala, I love the spun Numma Numma fiber and can’t wait to see your Shaelyn. Oh yes, and my 5-year-old started watching your podcast with me. He thinks you guys are cute and funny. He likes how you roll your eyes at each other and is trying to mimic you. Uh, thanks. (haha!)

  100. Kate says:

    Big fun, nice long episode. But forgive me because I crocheted instead of knit. Sometimes the power of the hook is just too strong……

  101. Dawne Robins says:

    Just found your podcast … love it 🙂 I think I met you both at the very 1st Loopy Ewe Spring Fling … I live up in Canada so hats/mittens are a must – would love to win this book.

  102. Allena says:

    lovely episode! the fiber LaLa showed is beautiful esp the tree hugger! It would be really cool to win the book.

  103. Pauline says:

    I think I want the book just for Jared Flood’s mittens. I do love those! Love your podcasts. I just found Knitgirllls about three weeks ago. Love watching you with my morning cup of tea!

  104. Carmen says:

    I discovered your Podcast around March or April and have just caught up on your episodes this week, finally in time to submit myself to one of your giveaways!!
    Unfortunately I watched the episode about the SSK lottery 2 days after the closing date. 🙁 That’s okay, next year. Hint! Hint!
    I love knitting along with you two.

  105. Deb says:

    Just did a marathon of three episodes of The Knitgirllls while knitting a pair of Hunter Boot liners for my daughter! I would love to win the Vogue Mittens & Gloves book!

    Thanks for entertaining and informing me!

  106. Robin says:

    Great episode. For some reason I am having problems getting it to work with Itunes on my I phone. So I have to wait for my husband to let me use my computer to watch it! :0)

  107. Linda C (linnalark on Ravelry) says:

    I’ve had a knitgirllls marathon over the last couple of weeks and I’ve completely caught up to date!!!! I missed the Super Summer Knitaway deadline which made me a little sad but I can enter this giveaway and keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

  108. Candace Hamilton says:

    I’ve got 5 grandchildren clammering for mittens and/or gloves. How much would I love to win this book? Yes…that much!!

  109. Marsha says:

    I think I pretty much knit whatever I want everyday – I mean even if it’s a KAL – I’m still doing it cause I WANT to, right?!! I’m currently stuck on my halloween socks of monotony!! They are plain vanilla with just a picot edge. Why do people say those kind are the fastest to knit? I knit patterned socks MUCH faster!! Wish me luck finishing them before 10/31. I’m close to the toe on one – but there are afterthought heels still to do too – yikes!!

  110. Kathy says:

    Another fun episode, and I think I’m finally going to give in and go buy some Cakewalk Yarn!

  111. Missy says:

    As always, love the episode!! I love it when you guys talk about spinning alot. Not many podcasters talk about it. Thank you , thank you!!

  112. Angela says:

    lovely podcast as always. I wish I had 50 sets of hand knit socks, I think I need to knit faster:)

  113. Suzanne Gates says:

    I just started to watch your videos and I love them.

  114. Ginger says:

    Awesome podcast as usual! Keep them coming!

  115. Denise says:

    Love your podcast! I actually saw both of you at StitchesSouth but was too shy to meet you – I’m still mad at myself~! Just wanted to say that I made the buttoned on sleeve pattern from Knit.1 that is in the Vogue book. I make them 3 different times using the Lionsbrand incredible ribbon yarn. Everytime I wear them I get tons of comments asking about them. Stopped by total strangers in airports and restaurants, so simple a pattern but very different.

  116. Jen Grothem says:

    This looks like a really nice book. Love the Jared Flood mittens you showed. Thanks for the doing the giveaway!

    I tweeted too but like a dork hit enter before i put the tweet url in. http://twitter.com/#!/jendada


    jendada on ravelry

  117. Sandra sandy06 on ravelry says:

    Great episode. Every Monday I can’t wait until the new episode uploads on my Ipod!

  118. Gelareh says:

    Great show, cant wait to start the KAL.

  119. Tamara says:

    Another great episode, can’t wait for the KAL!

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