Episode 88 – Better Late Than Never

Laura is knitting on a a mitered crosses blanket out of Silk Garden and Cascade 220 on size 6 needles. She also has cast on 2 new shawls.  The first is Ziggity by Kirstin Kapur for our SSK knitalong.  It is out of Bugga in the Rusty Willow Sawfly on size 6 needles. She has also cast on Hitchhiker by Matina Behm on size 4 needles out of Cloudlover SAL/KAL fiber in the Hounted Vineyard Colorway.

Leslie has cast on  some Single Malt Woolmeise 100% for the Make a Wish socks. She is using the pattern, Bavarian Cables, by Wendy Johnson.  She is going to knit them on size 1 needles.

Laura has finished a KGASS square out of Berroco Vintage on size 8 needles.  I cast on 56 stitches, am working a 6 stitch seed stitch border on either side and an 11 stitch repeat of Cat’s Paw in the middle.  Laura has also finished a square in her a mitered crosses blanket out of Silk Garden and Cascade 220 on size 6 needles.

Leslie has finished Not-Just-For-Chemo Reversible Cloche out of Another Crafty Girl Yarn in the Punky Brewster worsted weight. 

Leslie is spinning batts from Spinning Straw into Gold

Laura is spinning Cloudloved Kal/Sal fiber in the Haunted Vineyard Colorway.

Magazine Review:  Interweave Knits Accessories

Correction: Spud and Chloe Fine is Machine Washable.

String Theory Colorworks Sock Club

Correction: She is no longer going to do the club.

Leslie’s Arkansas Purchases:

Blue Goose Farms 2oz batt (she will have an etsy shop in January).

Woodenspinner Batts

Spinning Straw into Gold Batts

Brooks Farm

Dawning Dreams

Laura has a new niece!  Welcome to the world Alice Elizabeth Linneman!

Another Crafty Girl Yarn in Animal and Swedish Chef in the Strong Sock Base.

We answer a viewer’s question about moderating a large board.

We will be recording on Sunday as per usual!

SSK peeps: New KAL for Kirsten Kapur and payments are due soon!

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About Leslie

Leslie is obsessed with knitting, and when possible, perfection in her knitting. All stripey socks must match exactly and all lace must be blocked severely. She has major love for all of her viewers/readers and hopes to keep blogging and podcasting for years to come.

17 Responses to Episode 88 – Better Late Than Never

  1. Jessica (showmeyourknits on Rav) says:

    OMG, I nearly spewed wine at the computer screen when you said you were going to put me in time out. That totally cracked me up. Loved the review of Interweave Accessories–will have to check it out at the store. So glad to hear about Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza. Could Leslie’s batts be any more gorgeous? I think not. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Loved the muppet yarn Laura got from Another Crafty Girl. Yeah, if Weezy doesn’t want Animal socks, I do.

  2. Cyndi says:

    I finally posted a picture & linked to some others I took at Extravaganza (including the one with you 2 spinning with Sarah). Thanks for pausing for photos for me!

  3. J says:

    You guys aren’t worth the time anymore.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, La La.

    What a great episode. I love hearing about your sidekicks and your purchases (Leslie – those gradient batts are fantastic and breathtaking). Thanks for taking the time to record when you are having such a busy week. You both really brighten my day when I am knitting on deadlines of which I have had many lately. I even love going back and watching older episodes. You are doing such a good job.

    One quick thing, Spud & Chloë Fine is most definitely machine wash and machine dryer friendly as are all of the Spud & Chloë yarn lines. Easy care is a major selling point for all of the S&C yarns including Fine:) I love those socks in the Interweave Accessories. Thanks for sharing them on your show and I got a kick out of that model, too.

    Keep up the good work and don’t ever let any negative comments get you down. Ever. Ever. Let it slide right off your gorgeous shoulders as if it never happened. (Referring to the negative comment above mine.)

    xoxo, susan

    • mary says:

      I can spend hrs. listening to the two of you. You’re both very inspiring.
      I agree with Susan….. negative responses from negative people
      don’t deserve your time. That person (J) is squeezed out of here
      by those (many) of us who look forward to your podcasts.
      Dr. Who can take care of people like that who poop on other
      people’s parties and send her/him into the expanding universe
      by way of Pluto ( who used to be a planet).
      Leslie, love your spinning and seeing your lovely color ways (batts)
      and I agree with you regarding the model
      in the holiday issue of Interweave Knits. My son had such a mustache. It made me smile.
      Happy 2012 and continued success to you both. mary

  5. loveelamb says:

    Thanks for another great show! I’m in the middle of law school finals now, and it was so nice to take a break and knit for an hour with you guys. Keep up the great work (and it’s TOTALLY worth the time)!

  6. Marilyn(Vanderbarc on Rav) says:

    I love those 1 oz batts you bought, Leslie- can’t wait to see what the gradient yarn will look like. A big shawl would be so gorgeous!
    This podcast is always fun to watch – you two are articulate and funny, and you know you have many, many viewers who appreciate you!

  7. Jessica Peled (jpeled on rav) says:

    I always love your show!!! Leslie- i can’t wait to see how those 1 oz. balls spin up! Laura- Congrats on your new niece!! You are well worth evry second of viewing time!!! I am a total fan girl of you both!

  8. Laura Altes says:

    You may not have knit a stitch in Arkansas but I saw you spinning!!

  9. Natalie Ford says:

    I love your show but am always disappointed that there are no links / show notes in these posts.

  10. Taj says:

    There are always “show notes” if you wait- to the comment above. Seriously, there are always show notes/links. This is just a travel week. —–And also to the mean weirdo of comment #4 who I struggled with responding to because I respect these women immensely (I didn’t want to play into your pathos, you are a suffering individual). My condolences and I hope your life improves to the point you can be more positive towards the world at large. Laura and Leslie are super fun, real, and normal. If that is not your bag tune out, just don’t comment, Delta Bravo.

  11. Taj says:

    Oops, sorry, I meant comment #3, not the gorgeous Susan B. Anderson”s #4 comment.

  12. SwedishRose says:

    Loved the show.

    Sadly there won’t be a String Theory Colorworks club next year though 🙁 She wrote about it in several post in her Rav-group.

  13. Gwynthie says:

    I found your show about a month ago through a Ravelry link to your tutorial on short rows…..and I think you’re both awesome! 🙂 It’s so much fun to knit and listen — sort of like being at a virtual knit group. I can’t believe that Bravo or the DIY Network hasn’t signed you up yet. You are definitely worth the time. Thanks so much for the tutorials, inspiration, and good company. I might just try my hand at spinning again. Gwynthie

  14. Pat Whatley says:

    Love the show! Each show I watch I get closer and closer to taking a spinning class. Maybe I’ll start with a spindle. Looking forward to your tutorials next week. Happy Holidays!

  15. Lisa says:

    I absolutely LOVE both of those yarns!! Already tried to check out her Etsy site but alas, nothing there till later. I have favorited the site though and I’m sure I’ll be frequenting it a LOT!! Gorgeous yarns…thanks for the chance to win!! ….Lisa 🙂

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